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Summary: As Christians we long and wait for the day that the King returns.

The Return of the King

Matthew 25:31-46

January 23, 2005

Morning Service


One of my favorite movies has to be the final chapter of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Return of the King. The major portion of the movie takes place in the land of Gondor. Gondor is a land without hope and without strength because for many years Gondor has been waiting and watching for a king to rise to the throne. As the movie begins Gondor finds itself in the midst of a war they cannot hope to win. Their only hope is for their king to return and defeat the enemies seeking to destroy them.

As the story unfolds the rightful king, Aragorn, rises to assume the leadership of Gondor. He soon defeats the enemies and wins the long awaited peace. Near the end of the movie Aragorn is given the crown of the king and completes the hope of his people. The king had indeed returned.

Our church is a lot like the land of Gondor. We too are longing, watching and waiting for the return of our king. In Matthew, jesus gives us a glimpse of what it will be like when the King of the world returns to claim His kingdom.

I. The Return of the King brings a Reckoning (31-33)

Jesus will Return

The simple fact of the matter is that Jesus will one day return to this world just as we have been promised.

1. Jesus will come in glory

When Jesus came to the earth through the womb of Mary, he came in a humble manner through miraculous means to a humble existence. When Jesus comes again it will be anything but humble. Jesus will return not in mere human form but He will be coming in His glorious resurrection body. The body He was given following His death was filled with the glory of God almighty. He will be coming in the manner of glory. Jesus came the first time as the Savior of the world and the second coming of Jesus He will come as the King of the universe!

2. Jesus will come with the angels

The angels made an appearance to a select group of shepherds when Jesus came the first time but for His second coming they will come in numberless fashion. The shear number of the angels will prove the reality of His glory and power.

The service of the angels will be because of His matchless glory.

• They will come to gather the wicked

• They will come to gather God’s people

• They will be the witnesses to the glory of the believers in Jesus and the punishment of the wicked

3. Jesus will come to rule

Jesus will be enthroned in all of His glory here on earth. It will be at this point that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. The purpose for Jesus being enthroned will be to pass judgment on the world.

4. Jesus will come to gather the nations

All of the people from all of the nations will be gathered by the angels to stand before Jesus as the judge of the entire world. The dead shall be raised and all will have their moment to stand before the Master of all things. The angels will bring the people of every country, every place, and every nationality. There will be people of everyt creed, every race, every language, and every religion. Every person who has ever been born will stand before the Lord of all things.

Jesus will redistribute

1. History marks the mixture of the world

This world has always been a mixture of those who are followers of God and those who reject God. From the time sin entered the world there have been those who have lived for God and those who have lived for themselves.

New Testament Expressions for this reality

Believers Non-believers

Sheep Goats

Good Evil

Wheat Weeds

Found Lost

Saints Sinners

The mixture is evident in scripture and it is evident that this world is torn between two kingdoms. We see the mixture of the people of God and the people of Satan. We see the mixture of people in the same nation, same city, same home, every place of work and even at times in the same churches. The world is a mixture of those who believe and those who refuse to believe. This is what we are accustomed to seeing and how we are accustomed to living.

2. Jesus will bring a separation to the world

Jesus is going to change all that we know about this world in which we live. Jesus is going to bring a total separation into this world and the result will be the sheep on the right and the goats on the left.

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