Summary: God's Glory is the greatest revelation of who he is...and the path to this revelation and its outcome are truly transforming and life changing for a believer


Scriptures: Exodus 34:1-9; John 17:1-5

The Glory of God is perhaps one of the most amazing revelations of God Himself. To get to know; to get a glimpse of; to understand God’s Glory can be the deepest, most profound and life changing experiences ever, of any believer. We are going to ascend three mountain tops; share the experiences of three persons; give ear to three voices between earth and heaven, witness three revelations – all leading to one magnificent and empowering Truth that bursts forth with such power and passion; guaranteed to change our life’s direction, reinforce our dedication and deepen our devotion towards our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Out there on the cold and bitter night preceding His crucifixion, Our Lord Jesus cries out: Father, glorify me so that I may glorify You!

The word, glorify, theologically lends itself to several interpretations, perhaps rightly so. In simple terms, to glorify is to magnify, to make an awesome and spectacular display, something magnificent surrounded by radiance and vibrance bringing out a grandeur and a greatness; the ultimate.

John in 1:14 says…and we beheld His glory….full of grace and truth…

We see a connect between Jesus, His glory and …Truth!

What is this mystery, this secret, this profound Truth linked to His glory?

To understand this we need to make our ascent to the top of Mount Sinai. After the liberation of the Hebrews from Egypt and the crossing of the Red Sea, faithful to his promise, God brings His people to the foot of Mount Sinai. We see Moses making two ascents up Mount Sinai. In his first descent down the Mount with the Ten Commandments written by the finger of God, we see Moses hurling the tablets of stone to the earth to be broken into pieces as a violent reaction to the sinful idolatry and wanton behavior of God’s people. The Ten Commandments representing the First Covenant Law between God and His people is broken. Moses, who symbolically represents the Law, is broken as well! He is broken in spirit, body, mind and soul. Now God’s people will have to face the unquenchable wrath and judgment of God.

We hear Moses’ cry to God. His plaintive plea resonates down the hills and vales. O God! My mission is your mission. My people are your people. When the world sees us, they see us as your people. Have mercy upon us.

And then Moses makes a strange request. Lord, I want to see your glory!

What is the reason for Moses, at this strange and disappointing turn of events, wanting to see God’s glory?

It is because he is so distraught; so broken; so vulnerable; defenseless; helpless, clueless and directionless he turns to the only One he can trust and depend upon. I want to see your glory God because I want to know you more and more ; understand you more and more; serve you more and more; love you more and more; live for you more and more; to be a witness for you more and more…….and this can happen only if you reveal more of yourself to me!

This desire is not spurred by curiosity but by his sense of mission. What he seeks is not a physical encounter but a spiritual revelation; a drawing aside of the veil. To come into the full knowledge and understanding of God as God!

It is indeed heartening and encouraging to read that God agrees to Moses; conditionally! I will place you in the cleft of the Rock. You will be hidden, protected in this cleft as I pass by. I will cover you with my hand so that no harm comes upon you. You will not be able to see my face, but my back. All my goodness shall cross by and you shall be a witness to what has passed by.

God is our Rock, our refuge and strength. The Rock that was One, is now cleft, even as Our Lord Jesus Christ, earlier one with the Father; now comes down to restore fallen man. As God passes by, he promises that his hand will cover Moses. The hand that is nailed to the cross will be the hand that covers him ; the blood that is shed from this pierced hand will be the atonement to cover man’s sin whilst God’s judgment passes through; but what Moses will witness will be the goodness of God, the salvation; he will get a glimpse of God who ‘has already accomplished and fulfilled’ what needs to be ‘accomplished and fulfilled’!

When Moses as a wandering shepherd had his first encounter with God on Mount Sinai, he was instructed to remove his sandals. The God he was meeting reveals himself as a ‘Holy God’ – everything to be in order, right and proper. A Holy God, a Righteous God. However, in his second climb up Mount Sinai, Moses experiences God in a new dimension – a Merciful God. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy!

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