Summary: One thing is certain: nothing can escape the eyes of our Lord. We will either be harvested by the Lord of all creation (Jesus), or, by the lord of this Earth (Satan). The choice of who you will be reaped by is yours completely!

The Revelation of Palm Sunday

Revelation, Part 22, Revelation 14:6-16


- Last time we saw Jesus offering the 144,000 to God as the first-fruit

- Would you be willing to be honored and be offered as a first-fruit?

-- Imagine for a moment, that Jesus is so proud of your life and the way you have lived, that He offers you as a living sacrifice to His Father.

-- Can your life be offered to the Father as a first-fruit by His Son?

-- Would Jesus be proud to give you as an offering?

- As we remember today as Palm Sunday, let’s see how God speaks to us

-- Often we like the same old stories, often we like to tune out familiarity

-- Today I’d like to challenge you to hang with me as we study this

- Read Revelation 14:6-16

Ω Point 1 – Ministering angels (v6-7)

- In the 14th Chapter of Revelation there are 6 angels who are sent by God

-- They are sent to warn creation about the impending doom on the planet

-- These angels constantly work as the servants of the Lord

-- Often they are used to convey messages physically to this world

- These three angels that are appearing to men are for one purpose:

-- To show mankind that they are being terribly deceived by Satan

- This first angel was proclaiming the everlasting gospel

-- IMP: Before God’s judgment, He allows humanity to repent (grace)

- We've seen this over and over

-- How many times do we need to hear it?

-- Many think they will just get right at the end ... but what if your not alive?

- The message is that we need to repent from our sins and turn to the Lord

-- It is the same message that Noah gave for 120 years;

-- that the angels proclaimed to Sodom and Gomorrah;

-- that Jonah preached to warn Nineveh;

-- that Jeremiah preached to Jerusalem;

-- that Moses declared to Egypt;

-- that Daniel read before the fall of Babylon’s wall, and;

-- that Jesus preached regarding the destruction of Jerusalem

-- APP: This message is universal, and without end … it is what we NEED!

Ω Point 2 – Declaring the Falling of Babylon (v8)

- This second angel preaches so that the whole Earth can hear at once

-- Babylon is thought of to be several different locations:

--- Rome, the future capital of the anti-Christ, or refers to man’s sinful age

--- This future city will be the economic capital of the world (ref Rev 18)

- Satan is often referred to as the King of Babylon

-- God’s angels are declaring that the one trusted in will FALL

- This angel is warning of the destruction of this future world capital

-- It is where Satan deceives and forces the earth to worship his Image

-- This angel comes to bring a strong warning for all mankind to hear

-- They will be destroyed for following what is not of God (adulteries)

- APP: Want to partake? FINE … but there are consequences …

Ω Point 3 – An encouragement given (v9-11)

- What I want to stress here is this ought to be an encouragement to us!

-- But, sometimes you just have to be honest and put the truth out there

- This third angel is crying out in a loud, audible voice as a warning:

-- “This “man” you have chosen as elect is to be avoided at all cost!”

-- This angel’s warning ought to not only be clear to them; but to us!

-- The reality is … we are a people who can be very easily deceived

-- APP: We need to be sure that we are on solid ground following Jesus!

- This angel is declaring that those who worship the beast, or take his mark, are guilty of breaking the first three commandments

-- Last week we discussed Exodus 20:3-6; Satan breaks these happily!

- God is specific to mankind when He tells us how we should be living

-- He is a jealous God and worthy of our love, service, and respect

-- These are boldly walking on what God has said is sacred (dangerous)

- Those who are guilty of this will share in the same punishment as the beast

-- Take a look at how God speaks this to us so that we might know:

1. He shall be tormented…(Gr. basanizoô … to torture The individual who chooses Satan will be in pain and toil. They will not cease to exist, but will live to suffer eternally.

2. fire and brimstone…The method of their torment will involve fire (Gr. Pur) and brimstone (Gr. Theion) in the presence of the angels and Christ. The cost is vividly demonstrated for those weighing their choice.

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