Summary: Motherhood is important and valuable. But it can also be difficult and at times discouraging. God has blessed mothers with the promise of rewards for faithfully loving and serving your family. These promises will inspire and encourage you as a mother.


TEXT: Proverbs 31: 27-31


Motherhood continues to get a bad rap in our culture. Feminists and liberals look down on “stay at home” moms and treat them as if they have settled for less. Society has all but destroyed any notion of a one income family in which a father and mother make a joint decision to live on one income in order to devote more parental hours into the lives of their children. Looking at the moral decline of our society, it is clear this philosophy is an abject failure.

God on the other hand created motherhood to be an incredibly powerful force and one of the linchpins of family structure. God created the female heart and life engine to have unlimited power to nurture, shape, and mold the lives of children. Because He has given mothers such power, He rewards them for wielding that power in a Godly fashion in the lives of their children. Proverbs 31 sets standards for wives and mothers, but also points out great rewards for faithful mothers.

After explaining the standards by which Godly wives/mothers love and serve their families, God gives them a specific word of encouragement in the form of powerful rewards that will follow to them as the result of their faithful love and care. He explains they will be rewarded through their (1) Families (2) Fear of the Lord, and (3) Fruit of the work.


This passage does indicate that there is a requirement to receiving these rewards – faithfulness. Verse 27 states that “she watches over the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.” It is required of a mother to be faithful. This reminder is important because it is difficult to remain faithful. There are several reasons:

It is hard work to be a mother.

Often the fruit is long term fruit and therefore you get weary before seeing results.

The world screams you have settled for less and that is discouraging.

Materialism in our society screams that you are “missing out.”

All of these influences tug and pull at you as a mother. God calls you to be faithful. But in doing so, He casts an awesome vision of the rewards of your work.


A. Family

First, God states you will be praised by your family. Your children will praise you. Often, this does not happen until they are adults. But ask any mother whose children are grown and she will tell you that the joy of motherhood comes as your children follow in your path. Certainly there are special moments when your children bless you along the way. But the depth of joy is indescribable to one who has not experienced it yet. John speaking as a pastor captured this blessing in speaking about his spiritual children: “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” 3 John 1:3

Conversely, there are few tragedies more difficult than when your children walk away from God as adults. The question for you as a mother is this: “Do you believe you have done enough to teach them how to walk with Jesus in light of the dangers and rewards?”

In answering this question. be watchful and faithful in light of the priceless rewards that come from your children blessing you for how you taught them to walk with God.

Blessings also come from your husband. Men, a strong warning: Praise your wife and the mother of your children or she will receive it from somewhere else! You should praise your wife/mother of your children far more than any woman you deal with professionally. She should know you respect the work she puts into your children far more than any work any other woman puts into some job somewhere. Praise her for what she does!

B. Fear of the Lord

Verse 30 sets up a comparison to make a point. Motherhood is an act of selfless love. It often means a sacrifice of personal things. God makes this point in a way that is meaningful to women. While men might struggle alittle with this verse, every woman can relate to the struggle of serving kids and family and trying to find time to be beautiful and feel good about herself. Here God encourages you that He will bless you when you love your family selflessly. He will bless you Himself for the sacrifices you make.

Again ask a Godly mother who would be a role model for young mothers. She will tell you that when you are at your wits end and cry out to God for strength and patience – He will meet you in your need and bless you as only He can. When you are pleading for your children to be saved or to make good decisions, He will meet you as only He can. He will touch your heart with a sense of affirmation that sounds like His voice – “well done, good and faithful servant.”

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