Summary: determination of Blind Bartimaeus to receive his miracle from Jesus

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Intro: the story of healing of blind Bartimaeus is one of my favorites in all of scripture. There are so many encouragements for receiving from Jesus in this story.

The Story is found in Mark 10:46-52.

The Road To A Miracle

I. He realized Jesus was the key to his miracle--v.47

When he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth. Even though he couldn’t see physically, he could see spiritually. Hearing that it was Jesus, He knew his miracle had come his way.

II. He Seized His Opportunity-47b He said, my time has come. He cried out for the mercy of God. He didn’t miss his visitation from the Lord. Historians say, this was the last trip Jesus made this way.

III. He Recognized Jesus As Messiah--v.47c I am sure he knew that the Messiah was foretold by Isaiah to be the one who would open blinded eyes. So he made the spiritual connection and cried out in faith to the Lord.

IV. He couldn’t be distracted--v.48 many were telling him to be quiet--getting his blessing was more important to Bartimaeus than pleasing people. He didn’t let anything stand in the way of his miracle.

V. He couldn’t be discouraged--v.48b- he cried the more

You must want your miracle in the face of distractions, in the face of discouragement.

VI. He cast away every hindrance--v.50 he cast his garment aside. He didn’t want anything to slow him down. It was also an act of faith, he was saying, I’m not going to need that spot anymore.

Matthew Henry: those who come to Christ must cast away their own self sufficiency, must strip away all conceit, must free themselves of every weight and sins that would try to cause them to fall.

VII. He Verbalized His Need--v.51- Lord that I might receive my sight. I must tell Jesus.

VIII. He Began A Follower--v.52 He followed Jesus-every blessing, every miracle in our lives is for the purpose of making Jesus Master of our lives.

close: just like the lady with the issue of blood, just like the man lowered down through the roof by his friends, there is a persistence in receiving your blessing. Don’t give up, don’t quit. Keep on, keeping on.

You may be just one step from your miracle.

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