Summary: The disciples on the Road to Emmaus experienced their heart burning within them ... they experienced the resurrected Lord!

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“The Road To Heart Burn”

(The Road To Emmaus – Luke 24:13-35)

INTRODUCTION: Luke Chapter 24 – all turn

Today is “Senior Adult Sunday”!

Senior Adults have traveled down a long road … some for 60 – 70 – 80 years.

They have had a lot of adventures along the way … experienced a great many things.

- There have been tough times … times of rejoicing … times of sorrow … times of victory.

They have found out that expectations and reality often do not always mesh.

- Your life may not have turned out like you expected … like you wanted.

- Your job … your marriage … your children … your retirement …

OR … it may have turned out BETTER than you could ever have imagined.

- AND … you are filled with great memories.

EITHER WAY … it’s been a long journey… well traveled … a road well worn.

THIS AM … we are going to take a look at a couple of travelers down another road.

We cont. in our series on the events during the 40 days between the Resurrection of Jesus … and His Ascension.

They were experiencing some difficulties on their journey.

- I don’t know if they were Senior Adults or not … they could have been.

Whatever their age, all of us can identify with them.

On their journey, they experienced “heart burn” – TITLE – 24:32

I’m sure some of you understand “heart burn”.

- I had a severe case several years ago … The Doctor fixed me right up with the proper medicine.

These 2 disciples also had a severe case of “heart burn” … but of a different nature.



1.- Their Plans Hadn’t Worked Out – 24:13

When I was young & recently married, I had my life all planned out.

- 31 years later, as I look back, very little of that plan turned out the way I had it planned.

AND … do you know what … God had a BETTER PLAN!

I’m sure you Senior Adults can identify with me.

- God has changed your plans many times.

- He’s used many incidents, circumstances, and even tragedies to alter your plans.

Although we may never understand (this side of Heaven) WHY God changed your plans … He always had a BETTER PLAN.

“two of them” … 2 disciples (not of the 12) … could have been a man & his wife … 24:29

They were on their way back home to Emmaus, 7 miles away.

- This was on a Sunday … Jesus had been crucified late Friday afternoon.

They had gotten word that Jesus was missing from the tomb … and that maybe He had risen from the dead.

- BUT … it was all rumor.

They were walking home … sad & discouraged.

2.- They Were Living In The Past – 24:14

As they walked home, they were rehashing the past.

As we get older, we do that a lot, don’t we … AMEN?

“I remember the good old days?”

Truth be known, they weren’t so good, were they?

- We remember them as being so good, because they are in the PAST … and we can remember them any way we want to.

It’s NOT BAD to remember the past … it’s GOOD to remember the past … and learn the lessons from our past mistakes.

- BUT … let’s not DWELL, LIVE in the past.

Too many times, as Pastor, I’ve heard Senior Adults say: “When I was young, I used to teach S.S., sing in the choir, visit the sick … But now, I’m retired … It’s time to let the younger generation take over.”

There is a word in the Greek for that … HOG-WASH!

Don’t live in the PAST … BECAUSE … If you do, you will miss out on all the blessings of the PRESENT!

These 2 were digging up the PAST … and were miserable … because they were missing out on the blessings of the PRESENT.

3.- They Didn’t Recognize Jesus – 24:15-16

“eyes were holden” – NASB – ‘But their eyes were prevented from recognizing Him.’

These 2 were going home … their hearts were heavy … things had turned out all wrong.

AND … they didn’t recognize God’s hand in it all.

4.- They Considered Jesus A Stranger – 24:17-18

Has Jesus been a STRANGER in your life?

You see, the Christian life is a JOURNEY … it’s not just a DESTINATION.

We think that once we are saved, we just sit back and wait to arrive at our destination … HEAVEN.

BUT … between salvation and Heaven … is a JOURNEY!

You can keep Jesus a STRANGER on your journey … and be like these 2 … “as ye walk, and are sad”.

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