Summary: This story takes a look at the Magi's visit to see Jesus

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The Road to the King

Matthew 2:1-12

Introduction: Roads of life!

1. One of the things my wife likes about the valley is the straight roads!

Motion sickness is one of the worst!

2. Roads and highways have often been used to symbolize life!

--John Bunyan’s Christian classic Pilgrim’s progress!

Have you missed your turn or taken a supposed short cut?

I was trying to head back from Bristol TN and was cruising along when I saw a road sign that said, “welcome to Virginia”

3. Purpose statement: The magi or Wisemans’ quest to find Jesus should remind us of some signs we should watching for as we travel the road of life!

4. Background on the three kings!

The “Magi from the east” (v. 1) who came to see Jesus had learned about the Jews’ messianic expectations, likely from the prophetic writings such as Daniel’s. They were probably among the many God-fearing Gentiles who lived in the Middle East and Mediterranean area.

---Not sure how many—just three gifts mentioned.

---Advisors to kings


---And no, they didn’t show up at the manger...they came to the house where Mary and Joseph had started staying sometime after Jesus’ birth.


Augustus held his census around 8 BC

Facts concerning the star:

It was visible in the East-the Magi saw it and undertook a journey of perhaps a thousand miles. It was either a miracle to mark the birth of Christ or natural event.--- Astrologers have suggested exploding stars, meteors, Venus and even Halley's Comet.

Johannes Kepler, last of the great astrologer-astronomers, believed that "Star" of Bethlehem Jupiter and Saturn every 900 years. They came together in 7 BC which would the exact date.

The Wiseman were able to recognize when God was moving and responded to His call on their lives! They were willing to respond as God moved them!


The GREEK WORD translated as “SAW” is used to describe! TO SEE IS A VOLUNTARY ACTION----The word translated see in this passage is the same Greek word to describe seeing both -- means to look at (literally or figuratively), behold, look (on, to), perceive, regard, see, take heed.

The same word used to describe what Peter and John did when they came to the tomb. The choose to investigate!

(1) They followed the light they had received, the star.

(2) They arrived at the wrong place.

(3) They asked for more light.

What are we looking for?

Are we watching for the bright stars in our lives?

--Maybe there is the star of godly parents?

--A friend who has never given up on you.

--A grandparent that brought you to church?

--A husband or wife

--minister or Sunday school teacher

ILL: All of these horrible shootings could be cut way back! We’ve got to get the light out into the world around us! Too many people are bitter and angry! The average dad talks to his son no more than 45 second a day.

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