Summary: Jesus made a difference to those He met along the way. We should too.


John 4: 1-26


That, too, was a moment of amazing grace and Holy Communion.

· This woman, too, (like Josh) felt unworthy. and she, too, wasn’t real sure

that this encounter with Jesus was legal.

· She, too, was accustomed to being sneered at, talked about, looked down

upon and cast out.

· Society had not been kind to her.

· She had had five husbands. She was presently living with a man out of

wedlock (prompting some scholars to suggest that she was the promiscuous

town harlot) and others to surmise that she had been a victim of society

because in those days in that Patriarchal Society, it was the husband who

got the divorce. meaning that this woman in one way or another had been

discarded five times.

· Whatever the case, one thing is clear. She was an outcast and she had a

bad reputation.

· And still Jesus reached out to her with love and compassion.

I. THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED BY – Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. And I – I took the one less traveled by… and that has made all the difference. Robert Frost

A. Makes a difference to us and others

B. Barriers Jesus crossed to reach this woman:

1. Racial – Jews disliked Samaritans. The Church I visited in NYC had at least 15 different ethnicities represented in a congregation of 60. How divere are we?

2. Social - Men didn’t associate with women. Also whether we are rich or poor financially, God enriches us spiritually.

3. Religious – Samaritan Bible only Pentateuch – No OT Prophets

C. Jesus stayed focused on the things of God

1. She continually tried to turn the conversation to the physical

2. Jesus stayed focused on the spiritual.

II. Spring of Life

A. Jesus offers HIMSELF!

1. Physically – on the cross

2. Spiritually – Holy Spirit living in us

B. This is offered regardless of our race, social or religious standing.

III. What do we do with Jesus’ gift?

A. Worship God – Give thanks

B. Share it with others – We are the conduit for Jesus’ love


Are you making a difference to those you meet every day?

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