Summary: God gives us clear direction of what we should be doing with our money. Tithes and offerings is not giving to God, but returning to God what is already His.

The robbing of God and yourself

Malachi chapter 3:6-3:18


This morning I want you to take out your wallets and pocketbooks and hold them up. (Wave them)

I would like the ushers to come and collect them. Just kidding, that would be terrible. That would be unacceptable.

If someone came in your house and went into your dresser, took your money out, that would be stealing. We would call the police, and we would want justice, and we’d want our money back.

But what about cheating God? What about if we take and spend something that belongs to God?

Don’t worry, I am not taking wallets, and I am not taking an extra offering at the end of service. I am not sending out bills. I not approaching anyone.

I know that if God is not in it, people won’t give, and know if God is not in it, they would not tithe and give offerings back to God.

Are we robbing God? Only you can answer that question, are you robbing yourself? God’s Word promises blessings to those that are faithful in their giving and by not doing it, are you missing out on some of God’s promises?

God is interested in your money, not because He needs your money. He certainly does not. But because money is important to you and you are important to God- your money becomes important to God.

I want you to see something

If we as the church at Rosedale believe that God has put us here to reach this community and we are doing what God says about giving,

He will supply all our needs. (repeat)

That would come from each one of us doing our part.

He promises blessings for our faithfulness not only in the church but also in our lives.

If we did not do our part and the church would close tomorrow, God would move and bless the faithful, move the pastor, and those that were unfaithful in their giving and attendance would continue to struggle. The church would go on because the church is people, not a building. The building could close because of unfaithfulness, but the church can never be stopped.

This church has been blessed in so many unexpected ways. At our concert this summer I was handed a check by a lady that does not attend our church. I thanked her for the check and placed it in my pocket. I did the things needed for the concert and looked later at the church. She had given to the church before and I assumed that it would be the same. I looked at the check, not only was she a blessing, but the check was made out for the full amount of the concert. The band, bounce house, dunk tank, all the food, paid in full and told us to do it again. This lady is not rich, God used her and she was obedient to God to be a blessing to us.

Malachi chapter 3:6-3:18

This is Old Testament.

A lot of people want to think all things from the Old Testament are no longer in effect because of the grace of God.

Giving has more never changed.

Surrendering our lives to Christ has not changed

The promises of God have not changed.

This portion of Scripture is a warning to Israel about robbing God and missing God’s blessing. It is stuck right between “the day of judgment” and “the day of the Lord”.

What we do right now is before our day of judgment and the return of Christ.

Do you think it is important how we live that out?

Let me set this up

Israel has always struggled in their walk with God.

They were always being corrected and brought back in obedience to God.

Malachi, the prophet of the day was telling them to return to God and again receive the blessings of God.

They asked- “how are we to return”? They were being sarcastic because they knew what Mosaic law told them to do. God answering in the third person. Will a man rob God? Yet you rob me, but you ask, how do we rob you? In tithes and offerings- you are under a curse, the whole nation of you, because you are robbing me.

God is interested how you make your money, spend your money, save your money, and how you share your money.

Matt 6:21-

“For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also.”

Adrian Rodgers

“A faith that hasn’t reached your wallet, probably hasn’t reached your heart.”

How you handle your money is a spiritual test of where your heart and attitude for God is.

Just so I address all levels this morning, I want to tell you it is not only people with money holding out on God. If you have not learned the principal of God and give when you have little, you will not give if you have a lot. You are fooling yourself.

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