Summary: Through the story of the Exodus, we see God as producer, protector, provider, and problem-solver.

The story of the Children of Israel and their exodus from Egypt is amazing.

I remember when I was in college and watching from my dorm room the breaking down of the Berlin Wall. For years, since 1961 actually, the German people had lived in bondage to communism. That was symbolized by that horrible wall. and now, it was coming down. I watched with my roommates as the German people shouted with glee, slung sledgehammers, and generally celebrated their newfound freedom.

And watching that, I think I caught a glimpse of how the Children of Isreal might have felt. For over 400 years, they had been in slavery. They had prayed for deliverance but at the same time, they probably felt resigned to that way of life. There was none of them alive who remembered what freedom felt like.

And now it had happened. God had sent a miracle who was named Moses. How many times had the Children of Israel looked at the Red Sea and seen it as a barrier. On the other side of it lay freedom, a land apart from Egypt, a land where they would not have to be under the vicious rule of Pharaoh.

But it was a pipe dream. It was not something that was reality. It was something that they best not think about lest they get discouraged.

But Moes was different. He knew something they didn’t know.

He had the wisdom to call on God.

That was what Moses did all the time. He called out to God. Why? Because he knew that God would be faithful.

He had doubted his own ability, sure, but he never doubted the faithfulness of God.

And time and again, God showed His faithfulness to the Chilren of Israel and at the same time, showed His authority and power.


Glad you asked.

First of all, He showed His faithfulness through the principle of production. He made a way for His people to cross the Red Sea safely.

They came to that barrier one last time. They saw the Red Sea before them and Pharaoh benind them.

Yep... we were wrong. We trusted Moses and look where it got us. There is no freedom. Freedome lies beyond this sea and right now, all we have to look forward to is certain execution. Certain death.

But Moses called out to God.

And God produced a way.

A remarkable way.

By splitting the Red SEa in half.

And allowing them to walk across dry land.

Years ago, a young man named Josh Wooten was in my mother’s fourth grade classroom. They were talking about the story of the Red Sea being split in half. Josh asked my mother "Was it really dry land or was it just soggy".

I can assure you that it was dry land. Because that’s what the Bible says.

Aren’t we that way? How many times have we felt there was no way out. No point in even praying. The worst was inevitable.

"We might as well give up. There is no way we’re going to get out of debt."

I said "I might as well give up. There’s very slim chances I’ll be married. I’m 30. I’m old!"

How about this one: "There is no way that church is going to pay off that debt. They just can’t handle it."

And yet God provided a way.

What was it Jesus said to the Apostles as the storm rocked their boat?

"Why are ye so afraid.. o ye of little faith?"

We sing songs like "Faith Is The Victory" and at VBS, we sung "I Will Trust in God."

Yet when it comes right down to it, we don’t follow through.

The bills are piling up. We just can’t make it. We certainly can’t be expected to tithe. Not with our economic situation.

"Why are ye so afraid.. o ye of little faith?"

We’ve applied for that job several times. We just don’t see how we’re going to get it this time.

"Why are ye so afraid.. o ye of little faith?"

Counseling won’t do any good. Our marriage is going down the tubes. Our life is in disarray. There’s just no way it can get any better!

"Why are ye so afraid.. o ye of little faith?"

Our God created this great big world out of nothing.

You don’t think he can produce a way of escape, an answer for you?

Next, God showed His faithfulness through the principle of protection.

The Children of Israel crossed over the Red Sea on dry land. But as the looked back, they saw the Egyptian army coming at them the same way.

"Well, now we’re done for. Thanks, God. We got all the way across the Red Sea just to be killed. Well, at least we can say we didn’t die in Egypt!"

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