Summary: Our main verse for today says that a Godly husband (and father) is one who imitates Christ.

OPENING JOKE: “Home Library” A classified ad was seen recently in the newspaper that read: “Complete Set of Encyclopedia Britannica. Excellent condition. Never been used. ‘Wife knows everything’!”

INTRODUCTION: Welcome and happy Father’s Day.

Illustration: “History of Father’s Day” In 1909 in Spokane Washington, a woman by the name of Mrs. Dodd was listening to a Mother’s Day sermon at her local church. As she listened, thoughts of her father started to come into her mind and she realized that there had never been a day set aside to honor fathers also.

So she initiated the process of getting that day set aside. The mayor of her town set aside the third Sunday in June as ‘Father’s Day’. This was then reinforced by the governor of Washington when he made it a state-wide holiday.

Then, in 1972, President Nixon made the holiday permanent by signing a congressional resolution which called for an official recognition of Father’s Day.

Fathers are really amazing people

Quote: “It’s been said a father is a man who carries pictures where he once carried money.”

JOKE: “Human ATM” A man sat quietly on a bench inside the mall. Periodically, one of his three daughters would momentarily appear and he would hand them some money. After patiently sitting on the bench for nearly an hour, the man stood up to go purchase a cold drink. Emblazoned on the back of his T-shirt were these words . . . “Human ATM.”

You will remember that on Mother’s Day I gave a pretty heavy sermon about the responsibility of mothers and the influence their lives have on their children.

One man in the congregation met me at the backdoor and jokingly said, “I’m afraid to come on Father’s Day!”

But I believe it is good, especially on days that are set aside to honor our mothers and fathers, that we be reminded of what these roles encompass.

***Today we are going to learn what the Bible says is the role of a Godly father

NOTE: There is a lot of talk about the ‘traditions’ held within Scripture

o Most people like to shrug off Biblical principles for the family as ‘antiquated’ if they do not align with current societal trends

o They say things like, “Well, in Biblical times, things were different, and ‘this or that’ no longer applies”

o And I agree (to a point) that certain History portions of the Bible were more about tradition and custom than being models for Godly behavior. Such as…

q Israelites keeping slaves

q Parents choosing their children’s spouses, etc.

But when the Bible gives specific commands, these should not be interpreted as the traditions of men, but as the will of God revealed in His Word

o And when looking at the role of the father, the Scripture gives us the appropriate qualities he should possess

o Quote: The Scriptures give God’s model, not human tradition, of what a father should be

Our main verse for today says that a Godly husband (and father) is one who imitates Christ. “Love your wives as Christ loves the Church”. [Ephesians 5:25]

He should imitate Christ as a…

I. Provider

a. Christ is the ultimate provider to us

i. He provides salvation through His finished work on the cross

ii. He provides eternal hope to us, who would otherwise have none

iii. He provides us with the Holy Spirit to help us in our daily walk

iv. Christ is the model of a good provider

b. Husbands and fathers are also called to be providers

i. I Timothy 5:8 “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”

ii. These seem to be harsh words

iii. Especially in a day when men seem to be more interested in providing for themselves than for their families

c. Now I realize that in today’s society most families have both parents working

i. It is hard not to with the cost of living

ii. My wife works, and that is not inappropriate

d. But realize though, in God’s economy, it is primarily the husband’s and father’s responsibility to provide for the physical needs of the home

i. Of course there are always exceptions

ii. A father who has a crippling disease or a debilitating ailment would not be expected to work and provide

iii. But the Bible is providing the model for a Godly home – which is a providing father

e. Does this mean the mother provides nothing?

i. Quite the contrary

ii. The mother has also the responsibility to provide for the family

iii. She provides on the same level as the father – just not always in the same way

f. QUOTE: But the masculine pronouns used in this verse (he, his)are not an accident, but an accelerant to light the fire under men who do not provide for their homes

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