Summary: "How to Get Along with Anyone" - 13 BRIEF QUALITIES WHICH WILL HELP SPOUSES, COWORKERS, CHURCH MEMBERS, AND OTHERS TO SEE GREAT IMPROVEMENT! ...ALL BEGIN W/ AN "S". Link included to formatted text version and PowerPoint Template.

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The Romans Road to Right Relationships

[How to Get Along With Anyone]

Romans 12


1. Surrendered to Christ – v. 1, 2 “living sacrifice”…don’t look for the right one, be the right one, and you’ll get the right one”

“Have I given up and let God have this relationship?”

2. Sober in your importance – v. 3, 16 “think soberly”/ “be not wise in your own conceits”

“Who am I really, in God’s sight?”

3. Satisfied with everyone’s gifts – vv. 4-8 “not the same office”

“Do I understand their gift to the body of Christ?”

4. Sincere with your affections – v. 9 “let love be without dissimulation…” [say what you mean]

“Do I desire to give or get from this individual?”

5. Submissive to others – v. 10, 16 “in honor preferring one another”/ “be of the same mind one toward another”

“Am I willing for them to get the honor?”

6. Servant in your responsibilities – v. 11 “Not slothful in business”

“Am I fulfilling my responsibilities right now?”

7. Steadfast in time of trouble – v. 12 “patient in tribulation”

“Am I willing to endure being hurt for the opportunity to be right with another?”

8. Sacrificing of your time and treasures – v. 13, 20 “Distributing to the necessity of saints…”/ “if thine enemy hunger…” [kill w/ kindness]

“Do I have anything that can help this person?”

9. Sweet in your responses – v. 14 “…bless and curse not.” [filter verse]

“Is my verbal response true, necessary, and kind?”

10. Sympathetic with your feelings – v. 15 “rejoice…weep”

“Have I tried to understand from their perspective?”

11. Shameless in your reactions – v. 17, 18 “Recompense to no man evil for evil”

“Am I a part of the problem?”

12. Silent with your defense – v. 19 “…avenge not yourselves…”

“Is it more important to win the argument or to be right with the person?”

13. Strong in your desire to get along with others - v. 21 “overcome evil with good”

“Will I do right no matter the cost to my pride?”


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Dan Fogle

commented on Nov 3, 2006

This outline was helpful to me. Thanks, Dan

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