Summary: This sermon give three reasons why Christ went to the cross.

I. Introduction

a. Have you ever had someone do something for you that you didn’t deserve?

b. Paul wrote to the in Romans that Christ had done something that no one deserved.

c. Christ has done something for you

d. Why Did Christ Die?

II. The First Reason is because we needed it. (6-7)

a. No body else would have died for us.

III. The Second Reason is to show us the love that he has for us. (8)

a. God has such a wonderful love for us.

b. He didn’t just tell us that he loved us, he demonstrated it.

IV. The Third Reason is so that we might be saved for our sins. (9)

a. Romans 3:23

b. Romans 6:23

c. John 3:16

d. 1 John 5:11-13

V. Closing

a. Christ Death was for us

i. Because we needed it

ii. Because he loves us

iii. To provide a way of salvation

b. Christ has Done something for us that we didn’t deserve.

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