Summary: An abandoned Desert well and a note found by it have some analogies with how Christians handle Faith.

The Saga of Desert Pete

A note Found in the Dessert beside an old rusty pump-

"Dear Friend,

This pump is all right as of June 1932. I put

a new sucker washer in it and it should last for

at least five years. But the washer dries out

and the pump has to be primed. So under the

white rock to the north I’ve buried a bottle of

water, out of the sun and corked up.

There’s enough water in the bottle to prime

the pump, but not if you take a drink first.

Pour about one-fourth of the water and let it

soak the leather washer. Then pour in the rest

medium fast and pump like crazy. You’ll get


This well has never run dry. Have some faith.

Then, when you’ve pumped all the water you

need, fill the bottle and put it back where

you found it for the next feller who travels

this path.

"Desert Pete"

A friend sent me this and told me the note was found in the desert years ago near an old rusty pump. I find it a good example of what faith is - a weary thirsty traveler is cautioned not to drink the water that was left to him (water that might save his life) but instead to act on faith and utilize it to prime the pump for much more later advantage and for those who follow.

That must have been a real dilemma for the dessert traveler and finder of that old pump and water jar. He must have asked himself - "Do I have faith and prime the pump or drink that small jar of water?"

We as Christians are like those weary travelers who came across Dessert Pete’s Note. We are placed on this earth by a Loving Merciful God who created us and cautioned us to prime the pump - to have a little faith in He who created us. We are left instructions just as Dessert Pete did for the finders of that old pump, our instructions are to be found in the Holy Bible. Where we are constantly admonished to prime the pump- Honor our heavenly Father, help our earthly brothers and sisters, feed the hungry and tend to those less fortunate than we are, and all the while following God’s rules and admonishments to evangelize,spread the word, and conduct ourselves in a good Christian moral manner.

Or do we just drink the water? Drinking deeply of the earthly waters - satiating our earthly desires ?

The way I see it there are several possibilities regarding those who came across old Desert Pete’s Pump.

1. They could totally ignore it and just move on.

2. They could, although warned not to, drink a little of the water, and then inadequately try and prime the pump with what is left hoping that Desert Pete was wrong and it will work.

3. They could have faith and use the water as directed for their own eventual advantage and those that would follow them.

The dilemma of life and especially its Christian alternatives are a lot like Dessert Pete’s Pump-

1. Many though hearing of Jesus Christ and his promises, fulfilled freely, by simply having a little sincere faith, but they will simply move on never really trying it. Many take that route. It seems so foolish doesn’t it ? So little faith and effort is needed to prove to them the benefits of a Christ filled life but they will not put forth that little effort in at least trying it and of course will because of that, never truly drink of the cool refreshing waters of Christianity.

If for no other reason you would think non Christians would at least notice the refreshing difference present amongst true Christians - the smiling faces and happy dispositions, and you would think that they might at least be wise enough to try it on the supposition that these people are happier than they are.

2. Another rather large group will have some faith but not enough. They will not do as directed and will instead drink some of the water that they were told to prime the pump with. Many Christians are like that- they half heartedly attend to God’s directions.

We might find them in Church on occasions - when it is convient and nothing else is happening on a sunday. Or praying when a severe problem assails them, but they ignore God’s direction to fully prime the pump. That is to sincerely honor him - faithfully keep holy the sabbath attending services faithfully and fellowshipping with other Christians while reading God’s instructions the Holy Bible and faithfully trying to live by it.

Way too many are in that group. I have no doubt some who are reading this now will find themselves in that group.

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Daphne Lee

commented on Oct 24, 2017

It should be "in the desert", "Desert Pete"; not "in the dessert", "Dessert Pete". The words are used loosely and all mixed up.

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