Summary: As we study Joshua we will see, that not only was there a scarlet cord in Jericho that brought deliverance form destruction, but that there was a scarlet cord in Jerusalem that has brought deliverance to all the world.


TEXT: JOSHUA 2; 6:22-25a


They had been together now for nearly 7 days, not knowing what to expect or when to expect it. The fear and anticipation of what was about to happen, was almost unbearable and they all were getting a little irritated with each other, 3 generations in one room for that many days tends to get that way. And there was no ninetendo to keep the children busy.

Some, were even wondering, if what they were doing made any sense, but yet they were too afraid not to do it.

Then it began, first there was a loud trumpet blast, and then the sound of thousands shouting. And suddenly, they could feel what seemed like an earthquake, as all around them, the walls/the ground shook with terrifying intensity. Quickly they moved to a corner of the room and huddled together; too afraid to move, to afraid to speak and too afraid to look outside to see what was actually happening.

Once the violent shaking stopped, they heard the sound of thousands of soldiers advancing on the city; followed by wails of agony and cries of pain.

And then it was over, and it was quite, and among the rubble of what once was the fortified city of Jericho, stood a home built into the side of the wall, still standing, untouched by the destruction.

And hanging from it’s window swaying in the breeze, was a scarlet cord.

Today is Easter, and as we study Joshua we will see, that not only was there a scarlet cord in Jericho that brought deliverance form destruction, but that there was a scarlet cord in Jerusalem that has brought deliverance to all the world.

As we study God’s Word this morning we will see that there are several similarities between the scarlet cords in Jericho and in Jerusalem.



The people who lived in Canaan, the people who lived in Jericho were God’s enemies. The were ungodly people who sacrificed their own children to their god Molech, as they participated in wild orgies, they tried to contacted the dead, practiced witchcraft and did many other detestable things in the eyes of God. They were an evil and ungodly people. And God’s judgment was about to come upon them through the hands of His people, the Israelites.

So there God’s enemies were, walled up within the city of Jericho, and they knew that trouble was just over the horizon. They had heard about this people, the Israelites, were delivered out of Egypt, by the Mighty hand of their God. And the account of God parting the waters of the Red Sea, was well known within the Land. As was the reports of how this people had completely defeated and destroyed the mighty armies of Og and Sihon taking possession of their lands.

And now this people who seemed so powerful, so indestructible was heading their way. The Israelites were only a river away from entering their land.

Those in Jericho knew, that at any moment trouble would come, so they had lookouts waiting and watching for any sign of the Israelites.

Those in Jericho were on the lookout and they were afraid.

And God’s people did come and they did cross the Jordan. And God had a plan to bring about the destruction of His enemies. And that plan was to have 7 priests march in front of the ark with trumpets, followed by the armed men. And they were to march around the city 1 time a day for 6 days, and the people were to be silent. And on the 7th day they were to march around 7 times and on the 7th time the priest were to give a loud trumpet blast and the people were to shout. That was God’s plan to take the city of Jericho.

I am sure that when the Israelites approached the city and did as God commanded, by the second day the people on the walls must have thought that the Israelites looked pretty silly. Perhaps comments such as the following were made, "And we were afraid of these guys, these Israelites are crazy, they must have completely lost their minds, walking around in circles like children playing a game." And perhaps they laughed, mocked and ridiculed God’s people from high a top their walled fortification.

Regardless of what God’s enemies thought, God’s plan would work flawlessly. The laughter would stop, the ridicule would cease and the walls would come down and God’s enemies would be destroyed.




To who was this deliverance made available?

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