Summary: Young girls/give up/purity because they are lost sea/emotions. Men abandon/families because they get caught/emotions

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Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

March 2, 2014

Genesis 43:15-34

The Sea Of Emotions

Intro: Passage opens/ten/Joseph’s brother’s leaving Canaan.

• Second trip to Egypt to buy grain.

First time:

• Came face/face/Prime Minister of the country.

• Didn’t know/Joseph/sold/slavery 20 years earlier.

• Joseph knew exactly who they were!

• Used/meeting/try get them/understand/guilt/past.

• Joseph imprisoned Simeon

• Sent home to get Benjamin/don’t return w/o him.

So, they headed back home.

• discovered/money/paid/grain/returned/sacks of grain

• caused them/even more afraid

• Long story short/used up all/grain/headed back/Egypt again.


V. 15 took Joseph a present; double/money/Benjamin.

• They/ushered/Joseph’s presence

• when he sees Benjamin is with them,

• He invites them to his house for lunch, v. 16-17.

Verses describe scene/filled/emotions.

• Fear/relief/gratitude/joy all mingle together in this poignant reunion between Joseph and his brothers.

Take/passage and preach/subject The Sea Of Emotions

• Emotions/something/deal/every day/our lives.

• They/powerful/can control our lives if we allow them to

• Emotions/feelings/not bad in/of themselves.

• Must remember our emotions arise/minds/souls.

• Since/fallen creatures, our emotions have been affected too.

• means not everything we feel is right or proper

Learn/check our emotions against the Word of God

• We need to ensure we are not led astray by our feelings.

• This happens far too often in people’s lives


Young girls/give up/purity because they are lost sea/emotions.

Men abandon/families because they get caught/emotions

Families/churches are ripped apart because people allow emotions like anger, bitterness and resentment control them.

• Of course, God works in our emotions too

Uses/natural responses we have/events of life to teach us about Him/His will and what He is doing in our lives.

• That/what /passage teaches us about today

• reunion scene/between brothers

• we see 12 men who are Swimming In A Sea Of Emotion.

I want you to see The Brothers and Their Fear; Joseph and His Feelings, and The Family and Their Feast.



When these men are brought into Joseph’s house, they become “afraid”

• Word means “to be filled with dread.”

• convinced that they have been lead into a trap.

• Sure/Joseph/going/arrest them/put them into prison, v. 18.

• They express their fears/steward Joseph’s house, v. 19-22.

He comforts them the best he can, even telling them God was looking out for them in all their troubles, v. 23.

• Then he brings out Simeon to them, v. 23

• Gives them water to wash their feet/sign/great respect.

• Gives them food for their animals/sign/hospitality, v. 24.

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