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when the women come in search of Jesus the series of events Like records have a relevance to our own lives.

1. They Came vs 1

expecting death

expecting sorrow

expecting to labour out of their love fror what appeared to be their dead friend.

expediently- at first light- as soon as possible.

all they could see was darkness and they knew there was not much they could do.

2. they found vs 2

stone rolled away

a stone of opression

a stone that was supposed to symbolize failure

a stone of humanities fear

a stone meant for keeping out rather than keeping in.

3.They found life

a promise fulfilled

a future assured

a hope imparted

a victory over pain.

4. They entered

a grave that was only a hotel room rather than a tomb for a 3 night sabatiacle.

a hole in the stone that wa sempty

a new day breaking from an old arena

and they do not find the body of Jesus- He hsa abandoned the premises. He has rattled the halls of death and hell and risen above the restraints of earths atmosphere.

5. They were preplexed

confused and astonished that God had kept His word. Are you astonished when He intervenes in your life? He promised to take care of you.

6. It is in a hour of graeatest confusion and uncertainty that we find peace, hope, and assurance.

It is in Christ Jesus that we may hold fast assured of His Grace for us.

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