Summary: The first time the Cross came to you was for Salvation, the second time the Cross comes to you is for Service.

When you came to the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ, you came for Salvation and or forgiveness of sins. Sometime in the Christian life the Cross will come to you for Service or Persecution for His Name’s sake.

The passages here say that we must not put anyone above the Savior. If we put God second place in our life, we are out of His will for us.

1. The Cross will COME..

a. it is Destined to come..1-tim.4:10..2-tim.2:11-12.

b. it should Daily come...matt.16:24...daily and follow me...

c. it should be a Desire to carry it..vs.38

2. The Cross We Carry...vs.39...

a. a shining cross..matt.5:16

b. a selfish cross..vs.39..who’s life are you showing

c. a sinners cross..luke.23:39..if thou be the Son...

3. The Commitment to the Cross..vs.39...shall find..

a. commit to carry it..galat.2:20...

b. commit to a choice...phillip.4:13..i can do all..

c. consider the charge..vs.37-39...who is number one to you...who is important...consider Christs’ charge from the Father, it was His Cross that brought US Salvation.

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