Summary: Christians should be expected to do more than what’s expected of them.

Title: “Go the Second Mile”

Text: Matthew 14:15-21


Perhaps one of the most disturbing statements that Jesus ever made is this: “If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.” (Matthew 5:41) The reason this statement was so disturbing was because in Jesus day Rome ruled the Promise Land and the Roman soldier had the right to demand of any Jewish man to carry his load for one mile. This was something the Jewish people absolutely despised having to do, so as I understand they would mark off exactly one mile in both directions from their home and go no further. Perhaps few things upset Jesus audience more than his comment go with that person a second mile. The principle Jesus established was this: a Christian should be willing to do more than what’s reasonably expected. It’s the Christian that should be more industrious, and congenial, and forgiving than anticipated. Peter brings this out even more in 1 Peter 2: 18-20. (Read) This attitude is very much needed in the work place today. Truly, I heard it stated, and I believe it, if we as Christians would just put this principle into practice of “going the second mile,” doing more than what’s reasonably expected of us, we could create a spiritual revival in this nation.

We learn by example don’t we? Jesus set the example of going the second mile within his own life.

· In Matthew 14:15-21, it’s recorded that Jesus went above and beyond everybody’s

expectations when he fed the five thousand and healed the sick. You say what do you mean? Well, he could have sent the people home after being with them all day long right? Certainly he could have been well justified in doing such a thing, but he didn’t, he went the second mile by feeding them at the end of a long days work.

· There was a time he healed a leper. He could have healed this leper from a distance

and never even touched him, but he didn’t he did what nobody else expected him to do. He touched the leper in order to heal him.

· Another example can be found in John 4, where it says Jesus had to travel

through the region of Samaria. That would have been the first mile for most of Jesus countrymen avoided traveling through Samaria. Jesus went the second mile by not only walking through Samaria, but also striking up a conversation with the women at the well, and later staying in Samaria for two days. What was the result? Many people became believers in that region. There are examples beyond examples if you’re looking for them within Jesus life of going the second mile.


So why is it among Christians, so many believers in Christ are just content to do that which is reasonably expected of them and nothing more?

Examples of Not Going the Second Mile:

· You know, doing more than what is reasonably expected of you sometimes means

being accountable for your behavior before others. The paper said this week the man were so concerned about and offered so may prayers that he might be found, Gillming apologized for his hoax he spread that he was abducted from a rural Buffalo county pasture. He said, “I made some poor choices that day, I wish I could go back and change those decisions.” He needed help, but he didn’t know how to reach out for the right kind of help.” Well, his choice to not be accountable for his actions caused his family to worry about his condition so they had the police out looking for him, but he didn’t want to be found.

· Sometimes to go the second mile means you’re looking for a fast buck and you may

only invest in what’s reasonably necessary. I’m concerned as to what could happen here in the town for next three to four years. As we launch out in and effort to clean up the town and put pride back into our community. Are people going to fix up their places to be good rental property, to be good resale property, or just do what they can to get by?

· Sometimes going the second mile is making that trip to the grocery store when you

have other things that need to be done. Sometimes going the second mile is choosing to not be a clock-watcher. Ha, ha, I caught you for you’re wondering when this sermon is gong to be done. Also, there are people while at work they watch the clock waiting to get off work, or to quit as soon as possible.

· So, going the second mile means being honest with our time. There are people that

stretch their job break to twice the allotted time and take off every sick day provided. They will do only what’s outlined in their job description and not one thing more. Thus, they treat customers as an intrusion, and resent the fact they are there to serve the customer. God deserves so much better from us as Christians!

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