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(A). Principles of happiness (verse 1)

(1). Right Decision (verse 1

(2). Right direction (Verse 2)

(3). Right Desire (verse 2b

(B). Profile of happiness

(1). Planted. (vs 3a)

(2). Fruitful (vs 3b)

(3). Un-withered (vs 3c)

(4). Prosperous (vs 3d)

(C). Picture of the ungodly.

(1). Without substance (verse 4)

(2). Without excuse (verse 5)

(3). Without hope (verse 6)



Helpful instructions:

• (1). Kathy’s children’s cough medicine contains this warning:

• “Do not drive a car or operate machinery after taking this medication”

• (2). Boots hairdryer:

• “Do not use while sleeping!”

• (3). Marks & Spenser’s bread pudding:

• “Product will be hot after heating!”

• (4). Our Christmas lights from B&Q contained this helpful information:

• “For indoor and outdoor use only”

• (5). Sainsbury’s peanuts;

• “Warning product contains nuts!”

Psalm 1 gives us helpful advice regarding how to live life:

• Unlike the makers instructions I mentioned earlier;

• This psalm is full of practical, relevant advice on how to experience lasting happiness!

Many people in our country have a false idea of what happiness is:

• We look to other people, for our happiness i.e. relationships

• Or to things, to possessions i.e. materialism

• Or to experiences,

• Or to circumstances.

• And when those things are favourable we are happy,

• And when they are not, then we are not!

So if we just look to those things ALONE:

• Then we can experience quite a bit of happiness,

• But also we must also often endure periods of unhappiness.

• The Bible shows us in a variety of places:

• That lasting happiness is not necessarily related to things or happenings,

This Psalm starts off with the word "Blessed’:

• Our English word ‘Blessed’ is somewhat bland. –

• Some translations use the word ‘Happy’.

• That’s a start, but it means much more; ‘To be enriched, contented, fulfilled’.

• The Hebrew term has a plural ending: ‘Oh, the happiness, many times over’.

(A). Principles of happiness (verse 1)

(1). Right Decision (verse 1):

“Who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked".

Straight away we are told:

• Happiness is not found, in a life-style that leaves out God.

• Note: the word "Counsel"; or the "Advice” or “Consultation of the wicked".


• British prime minister Herbert Asquith;

• Once spent a weekend at the Waddesdon estate of the 19th-century Rothschild family.

• One day, as Asquith was being waited on at teatime by the butler,

• The following conversation ensued:

• The Butler asked him: "Tea, coffee, or a peach from off the wall, sir?"

• "Tea, please," answered Asquith.

• "China, India, or Ceylon, sir?" asked the butler.

• "China, please." replied Asquith.

• "Lemon, milk, or cream, sir?"

• "Milk, please," replied Asquith.

• "Jersey, Hereford, or Shorthorn, sir?"

• Asked the butler.

This Psalm tells us that actually life is not that complicated:

• In fact this psalm it narrows down to one simple choice;

• We can either choose the advice of the crowd (i.e. live like the world).

• Or we choose the advice of God.

If we take that first option and choose the advice of the crowd (i.e. live like the world):

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