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Summary: The failure to keep God’s rules results in an erosion of the power to perform effective as a Christian

Scripture: Judges 16:1

Title: “The Secret of My Success!”

Introduction: The story of Samson has caused more stories, books, and movies to be produced than a person would want to count!

· Most every one have emphasized three main points: Samson’s great strength – His love affairs, and his dreadful failures!

But, where did Samson get his great ability? (What was the Secret of his Success?)

· God brought about the events that led up to the birth of Samson.

· Samson & his great strength was the product of God-led parents who were dedicated to doing the will of God.

· God gave the instructions as to the rules surrounding Samson’s life. (He as to be a Nazirite unto the Lord)

· The evidence of Samson’s parents having followed God’s instructions are seen in that the Spirit of the Lord began to move Samson early in his life. Judges 13:25

· Samson began to realize what was going on with God’s people & his mission.

Breaking the Rules! – (“Samson didn’t lose his great strength right away”)

· Samson set his heart to have a Philistine woman as a wife. (Wrong!)

· Samson handled the carcass of a dead lion & took honey from it. (Wrong!)

· Samson had immoral relations with a Gaza harlot (16:1), and with Delilah (16:4-20).(Wrong!)

The Erosion of Power! – (“Something kept Samson going in the Wrong Direction!”)

· Samson was able to retain his great strength even though he was breaking the rules.

· It appears Samson was pushing the limits with every situation he encountered with the Philistines.

· Samson allowed himself to be bound with ropes & used his supernatural strength to break them as if they were burnt strands of cloth. (burnt flax)

· Even after he engaged in immoral relationships with harlots he still was able to break free of the enemies bondages.

· HOW? – “For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” Rom. 11:29

· God was honoring His calling on Samson’s life not the lifestyle!

When MERCY Ran out! – “I will do as before and shake myself free.” Judges 16:20

· Samson had taken God for granted for the last time in his life!

· Samson did not know he had lost his ABILITY to defend himself!

· Samson had become calloused to breaking the rules.

· Samson had lost his sensitivity to God’s conviction!

· “He wist not that the LORD had departed from him.”

· Samson’s enemies began to have their way with him.

Samson’s ‘Secret of Success’ was discovered because of his headstrong attitude!

· Ultimately, Samson proved little more than a thorn in the flesh to the Philistines.

· Samson’s fascination with Delilah finally wrought his downfall.

Samson’s losses far outweighed him achievements – What a price tag!

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