Summary: This is your time for restitution, to take back what the devil took from you

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I didn't come here tonight just to preach I came to prophesy God sent me with a prophetic word just like it happen in the Bible the word of the Lord would come to his prophets the word of the Lord came to me.

the word of the Lord came to me and he said to me prophesy that God is restoring Joy to his people

Since God sent the word to me I believe somebody here needs to hear it.

For somebody this prophecy is going to shift you to another season.

For somebody this prophecy is going to be resurrection power: this word is going into the atmosphere tonight whether you receive it or not is your business ( mine is to prophesy) Lift your hands right now and make this declaration I will hear your words God I will receive your word God and I will believe your word.

God said prophesy in this house and declare that tonight is the night of restitution and a night of restoration. Restitution means to get it back Restore means to put it back in it's proper place and it's proper order Jn 10:10 Jesus tells us that the thief comes but for to steal to kill and to destroy (but Jesus said) I am come that they might have life and that more abundantly.

many of you here tonight you love the Lord with all your heart you wouldn't think of ever turning your back on the Lord you're doing your best to serve him and please him and you never planned for it to happen and you didn't think it would ever happen to you ( but somehow somewhere along the course of life and the daily grind your joy has leaked out. ) The truth is it happens to everyone sometime. Even David the great psalmist, prophet and king who understood more about praise and worship and the presence of God than almost any one living. One day found that the joy had leaked out.

But David knew the source of his joy Psalms 51:12 he cried out to God restore unto to me the joy of my salvation and uphold me with thy free spirit. the devil knows that joy is a tremendous source of power to the believer. Neh 8:10 the joy of the Lord is your strength. I like to say it this way: ( joy is bounce back power) = Get back up power (Pro 24:16 For a just man falleth seven times and riseth again) he gets back up. As long as you have the joy of the Lord no matter how hard the devil hits you, you will bounce back and be stronger than ever. ( let me say it another way, the joy of lord makes you unsinkable)

Secondly the Joy of the Lord is (Take you through power) It doesn't matter what you have to go through in life, the joy of the Lord will give you the ability to keep walking, to keep pushing, to keep praying, to keep praising, to keep sowing, to keep going. We all have to go through stuff sometimes.

But what I am really thankful for is that: The Joy of the Lord is not only take you through power, It is also take you over power. The Joy of the Lord gives wings to your faith and gives you the ability to rise above the storm, and the trials and the attacks. I like to say it like this: The Joy of the Lord is HolyGhost Helium (It's the internal substance that gives us lifting power) The joy of the Lord gives us the power to break the gravitational pull that wants to drag us down into worry and fear and depression and discouragement.

According to Gen 49:22 Joseph was able to over come every wall and every adversity because he was planted by a well (that means Joseph was continually drawing from the supply of the Joy of the Lord). The joy of the Lord is Effervescent (It's alive, it's contagious) If anything should distinguish us from the world it should be (the joy of the Lord) When you can go through the same tests, the same trials, and hardships as the world and they're trippin out, and flippin out and freakin out (and you're chillin out) because of the supernatural supply of the joy of the lord (they're going to want what you have).

Some of you have been going through all kinds of difficulties, hardships, trials, and just plain old attacks from hell, it seems like you get victory in one area then you're attacked in another area, it feels like you're in a continual warfare, like you're caught in the spin cycle in the washer and you can't turn it off. Here's the reason why. The devil wants to wear you out. Daniel 7:25 says he shall speak great words against the most high and shall (wear out the Saints).

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