Summary: Talks about the security we have as a believer in our salvation and the assurance that gives

The Security of the Believer

Romans 8:31-39

Primary Purpose: To emphasis the importance of assurance and it’s role in

our lives.

Most of the religions of the world have held to a belief that you are

saved, in part, by good works. This leads to a lack of assurance of who is

saved. If I am saved by works, then how many works does it take. How do I

know when I have qualified or when I have blown it? If I am saved by my

works I might fall in and out of salvation several times a day possibly. God

wants us to be sure of our salvation.

Some would say we shouldn’t talk about assurance. They say that

assurance brings laziness or takes the grace of God lightly. But, we must first

recognize the God who saves also keeps us. These dangers are real problems

with some (Rom 6:1). Paul acknowledged some of these concerns, but he

claimed salvation is first and foremost a act of God. The God who saves is

also the God who keeps us saved for Himself. Romans 8:31-39 (Read


Why Is Assurance Important?

1. Because God wants us to serve Him in love and not out of fear. We don’t

serve because we want God’s approval or as if we are afraid if we stop

serving God will stop loving us. Perfect love cast out all fear. (1 John 4:18)

Our relationship with God is based on love not fear.

2. Because we should understand that God’s grace is greater than our sins.

We are not saying that sin is no big deal or that some people don’t sin alot.

3. Because assurance brings peace and joy. God desires for us to experience

abundance on this earth also.

4. In order to be an effective witness. If your not sure yourself, you’d be a lot

less likely to share what you know with anyone else. How can you lead

someone else if you don’t know where your going?

Why Can I Have Assurance?

1. Because God is for us. v.31 He is on our side. He gave His very best for

us. No one can snatch us out of His hands. (John 10:28-29)

In his book “Light for Anxious Souls”, George Cutting told about a

farmer who lacked the assurance of salvation. He foolishly prayed that as

evidence of his acceptance, the Lord would cause 10 sheep of his flock-- and

only 10 -- to gather in a certain shed out in the pasture.

Later that day, when the farmer anxiously approached the shed, he was

relieved to find exactly 10 sheep. That gave him a temporary sense of peace.

Doubt returned with a shocking thought that it may have been coincidence.

So he asked the Lord that 10 different sheep might gather in an opposite

corner of the pasture. And they did.

When the farmer was asked, Did this give you assurance? He said,

“No, nothing gave me certainty until I got the sure Word of God for it.”

Cutting concluded “He was all in a fog of uncertainty until he planted

his foot firmly on the “Thus saith the Lord.” We can also have the same kind

of assurance because God is for us and wants us to have peace about our


2. Because God justifies us. Justifies is the word DIKAIOO which means

that God is the one who is justifying. The stress is placed on the word “god”.

It is for this reason that nothing can seperate (chorizo- to seperate) us.

Jesus says he holds you in his hands and nobody can snatch you away John


W.A. Criswell once said, Jesus said on the cross “It is finished.”

(Luke 19:30) What that means is that salvation is “Something outside of

myself. Something with which I had nothing to do. I add nothing to it. I take

nothing away. I just receive it as a gift from my Lord. And the rest of my life

is spent, not in working for my salvation, but the rest of my life is spent in

praise and gratitude and love for what Jesus has done for me.”

3. Christ intercedes for us. v.34 Intercession is the word ENTEUXIS- to

plead with a person for another. Far from speaking against us. He is the one

standing in the gap for us. He reminds the Father of His payment for our sins.

4. We are conquerors through Him who loves us. Conquerors is the word

HUPERNIKAO- to gain a surpassing victory, to be more than a conqueror.

You might ask, what have we conquerored. We have conquerored sin, death

and hell, just as Christ has. We are victors in Christ because He has

overcome the world. In His eyes our victory is an accomplished fact, not

because of the good works or baptism or church attendance or the lack of

criminal record. We are justified freely by His grace. So, He alone gets the

glory in heaven.

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