Summary: Christina Marriage is defined by Christ and is guided by God's Word.

The Seriousness of Christian Marriage

(Mark 10:2-12)

Intro: There are 2 huge decisions we make in this life—maybe 3

The first most important decision---accept Jesus as Savior

Because this one decision has eternal consequences

The third most important—career

How we will make a living –support ourselves-and family

The second most important---who we marry

Because marriage is very important-

For in it we are taking another person to walk beside-share our lives

For many marriage is a big deal—but maybe in wrong way

Thousands upon thousands of dollars are spent on wedding dresses

Flowers-music-reception dinners

Extreme stress is brought about-because of all these plans

Because the couple want this big event—to be perfect

So-every aspect of it—is choreographed to “enth degree”

Yet-with all this money spent and stress expended

Very little time and effort is put into getting ready for the marriage

I get many calls from people wanting to be married at C. Harbor

I tell them I am willing—but required counseling with couple first

And when they hear that-they not call back


Because we’ve based marriage on wrong things in our nation

Things like sexual attraction—passion

Rather than commitment and compatibility

Idea that if it not work out—they just divorce

And the results—have been disastrous

Divorce rates-growing higher and higher

Lives are shattered---especially children

That’s why when Jesus was approached by some religious leaders

He spoke about the seriousness of marriage

Jesus is asked by these leaders if it is OK to divorce someone

So Jesus asks—well what did the law of Moses say

They said—well Moses said it ok---

Jesus replies-well God only allowed Moses to give

that stipulation--- as a concession

Divorce is NOT what God intends for married couples

You see in Jesus’ day—women were treated as property of men

(Its still that way in many Muslim countries)

They were property that was transferred from fathers household

And brought into the husbands household—

It was like a legal transaction----much like its seen by many today

And if the man found fault with the woman

He could write a letter of divorce-send her out of his household

But by giving her a letter of divorce—

She was free to marry another person----

Why did God allow it—to protect the woman

For if the woman was cast out with no divorce—couldn’t remarry

Thus she would have no one to provide for her

She be w/o home-income

So God allowed this as a means of protection—but not what He wanted

Now—from that-two schools of thought developed

Hillel- who permitted followers to divorce wife on whim

If she argued with husband-wasn’t what he wanted sexually

Or even if she burned t6he bread-she could be cast out

Then there was the other school of thought

Shammai-who took very strict view about divorce

It should only happen in the most extreme of circumstances


So-these Pharisees were really asking Jesus

Which interpretation do you think is right

But Jesus doesn’t answer them-knows they have hidden agenda

Instead he lets them know how serious Marriage is

And by His answer to them and His disciples

We learn something that needs to be said about the seriousness

Of Christian marriage

Christian Marriage....


WOW have we heard all sorts of what

definitions of marriage in today’s society.

Some say that Marriage is simply a civil contract that 2 parties enter into

They go to a judge or justice of peace—get a license

Say a few words—sign a line on paper

They are married—because state says so

It’s kind of like buying a car----problem is there’s no “lemon laws!”

And because in our country this definition is so prevalent

I must have a marriage license in my possession

Before I can marry a couple

And because its seen mostly as a civil contract

Many think that it should be open to any two people

Who want to into it

But Christian marriage is different—Jesus lets us know this

He defines marriage as a holy Covenant and not a civil contract

For He says what God has joined together-no one should separate

Thus marriage is not just some sort of legal contract

Instead God is supposed to be involved---

Thus it becomes something higher—it enters into the spiritual plane

A Holy Covenant that should not be taken lightly

Or broken at whim

That’s where we are as a country today

People think “ I’ll marry this person but if it doesn’t work out

Then I’ll just toss them aside---get a divorce.”

But Christian Marriage is Holy Covenant

So much so that the Catholic church considers it a Sacrament

“An outward and visible sign of a spiritual and inward grace.”

And while we Protestants don’t see it as Sacrament

We do see it as Holy—set apart by God

Something that is to be taken seriously

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