3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Sermon two in a fourteen sermon series based on the popular Bible study by Henry Blackaby.

We often act as though God tells us what He wants us to do and then sends us off all by ourselves to try and do it. Then, anytime we need Him we can call on Him and He will help us, but otherwise, we are basically "on our own" when it comes to doing the will of God for our life. But that is certainly not the biblical picture of how God works in our lives.

When God is about to do something in our lives or through our lives, He has to get us from where we are to where He is. In doing so, He takes the initiative to draw us toward Him, so that we might hear His voice and understand what He is doing and what He invites us to do - by way of obedience - to join Him in His work. One thing we must know - WE CANNOT STAY WHERE WE ARE AND GO WITH GOD! To follow God’s direction will always make a difference in my life!

Today, I want us to think about the spiritual dynamics associated with discovering and getting in on God’s will.

A 36 year old unmarried woman came to her pastor with a very stressful dilemma. She explained, "Pastor, to put it simply, I want to be married. I’m approaching 40 and I think it’s time. The understanding pastor tried to exercise wisdom in consoling the anxious single. He reminded her that God had a perfect plan for her life and she could not improve on the will of God. She responded to his discourse on God’s plan by saying, "Pastor, I’m not trying to improve on it, I just want to get in on it!"

Because we cannot improve on God’s will, we should want to make sure we get in on it. There are 7 realities by which we can be led in God’s will and experience Him in our lives. Today, as we consider the story of how Moses committed himself to following the call of God, I want us to take note of them.

Reality #1: God Works - Exodus 2:23-25

God was already at work around Moses, even though Moses did not realize it. God was aware of the needs of His people and God had been at work to bring about their deliverance. God is always about His redemptive work (John 5:17). He is always at work, to accomplish His purpose of drawing a people unto Himself that will bring glory and honor to Him. He is always moving and working. Just because we cannot recognize the hand of God doesn’t mean He isn’t at work in the world.

For centuries, Israel had looked for the corning of the Messiah. They wondered when the Messiah would come and why He had not yet arrived. For some 400 years prior to John the Baptist, there had not even been a prophet sent by God. Where was God? Well, He was at work. He was orchestrating world events, raising up people who would obey, and maneuvering circumstances so the Messiah could come and accomplish the work world redemption. Then, Paul tells us, "when the time had fully come, God sent his Son" (Galatians 4:4).

Had God been doing nothing to bring about world redemption prior to our Lord’s arrival on earth? Of course not! He had been at work all along! That’s what Jesus was saying in John 5:17! In the same way, God had been at work to set the stage for what He was calling Moses to be a part of.

Not only that, but He had also been at work to make Moses usable in His work/God had provided for his survival (Exodus 1:22-2:6). God had provided for his spiritual development (Exodus 2:7-10). God had provided for his education, as he grew up as a person of privilege in Pharaoh’s house-hold. God had placed a passion for His people in Moses’ heart (Exodus 2:11-13). God had taught Moses that God’s will must be accomplished God’s way (Exodus 2:11-15; Acts 7:25). God placed him in the land of Midian, where he married into the family of Jethro, the priest of Midian, who would later prove to be one of Moses’ best advisors; and where he would become familiar with life in the desert (Exodus 2:16-22). All of this was of God. God was definitely at work.

Likewise, God is not only at work around us, but as a child of God, I can be assured that he is always at work on me (Philippians 1:6)! This means that when God calls me to join Him in something, I can be assured that He has providentially been at work to equip me with what I will need to obey!

Reality #2; God Pursues - Exodus 3:1-6

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