Summary: Examining the severce consequences that come as a result of sin in the life of a child of God.

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The Severity Of Sinfulness

II Samuel 12:1-15

If you have turned on your T.V in the past couple of weeks you have heard about several NFL players who have been suspended as a result of their detestable actions in their personal lives. Some of these men may potentially be banned for life, some are facing criminal charges that may result in prison time, they may lose multi-million dollar contracts as well as other consequences from their poor decisions. They are not the only ones who are suffering as a result of their actions. Their choices have had an impact on their families, their teams and the NFL as a whole.

In life, there are severe consequences to bad decisions. And the Christian life is no different. Today we have read a portion of scripture that covers a difficult time in the life of King David. Several months earlier he faced temptation and did not even put up a fight. He committed adultery with another man’s wife. Bathsheba became pregnant and David was in trouble. To try and hide his sin, David arranged the murder of her husband Uriah. After all this, David spent a great deal of time away from the Lord. He had ample opportunity to repent and be restored but he continued in his rebellion. As a result of his sin, great trouble came into his life. I want you to understand that David’s sins did not just impact him, they affected his entire family.

Some of you may be in a situation similar to what David faced. You may have rebelled and turned away from the Lord. You must comprehend the fact that your sin has far reaching consequences. I want to look at this time in King David’s life and preach on this subject: “The Severity Of Sinfulness” Let’s begin in verses 1-4 and see:


If you have sinned against the Lord, you can rest assured that your sin will be confronted. In verse 1 we see:

A. THE PROCESS OF THIS CONFRONTATION- v1a And the LORD sent Nathan unto David.

The Lord will get His message across to you when you have sinned. There are ways that He will confront your sin.


In times past God used Prophets & Apostles. Praise God He still has some men who will stand and boldly preach the truth. God may use His man to say something to confront your sin. If the man of God confronts your sin; it will be because He is declaring the Word of God. This shows us another way that God will confront your sin.


Nathan was a Prophet called by God. God sent Nathan to confront David. But Nathan was just a vessel that the Lord used to deliver HIS message. If David received this message, he would be receiving the Word of God. If David rejected this message, he would have been rejecting the Lord… not Nathan.

In Ezekiel Chapter 3, the Lord told Ezekiel that He had a message for him to share with the people. The Lord told Ezekiel that the people wouldn’t listen to that message. Regardless of their response, Ezekiel was to give them the Word of the Lord. Many people rejected the Word spoken by the Prophets. Many people rejected the Word spoken by the Apostles, Many of you reject the Word that I speak each and ever week. But you are not rejecting me, you are REJECTING THE WORD OF YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER! - Not only will the Lord use His Man & His Word to confront your sin…

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