Summary: The shepherds in the field set an example to all who would seek after the Messiah. It is an important lesson to follow.

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12-13-03 The Shepherd’s Example

Text: Luke 2: 15-20

This passage of scripture follows the announcement of the angels.

The announcing of the Savior’s birth, to the shepherds in the field. (vv 8-14)

Jesus had been born and the first ones God tells is the shepherds.

Imagine the scene. The field at night, the quiet, the hum-drum work.

When suddenly the Angel of the Lord appears and tells them the Good news.

They had to see this marvelous thing that the angel spoke of.

What transpired next, contained in the text is the focus of the message.

When we see the Shepherd’s Example and the result of it, we to will be changed.

I. They had to tell somebody.

A. They had just experienced a great move of God.

1. The angels had appeared to them specially.

2. That is how God works.

A. God deals with the individual heart.

B. Even in group settings. (v 15)

B. They had seen the Savior. (Think on that)

1. The one whom the angels had just told them about.

2. The anointed one of God. (Christ)

3. Even the shepherds had heard of the coming Messiah.

A. From childhood they had been taught. (Deut. 6:5-7)

C. When they told the people listened.

II. Mary pondered in her heart.

A. It had to be amazing for her to hear this.

1. She knew who her baby was, but still.

2. The shepherds knew too.

B. She kept this in her heart. (Gr. Cardia)

C. How do we respond when we hear a word from God.

1. The parable of the sower. (Luke 8)

2. Do we hide it in our heart? And think about it?

D. We have to. (II Tim. 4:3-4)

III. They left praising God.

A. After such an intense encounter with God, what else could they do?

B. They had just seen the Savior of the world.

1. They knew he was coming.

2. And now he was here.

C. They had to praise, but how do we react?

1. Do we praise him?

2. The very rocks will cry out if we don’t.

Close: The shepherds in that field that night set an example for us.

Our Savior has come into the world. And into us.

We have heard this story time and time again, now it is time to live it.

We must tell the world. That is our commission.

We must keep his word in our heart. That is our duty.

We must praise him. That is our purpose.

We cannot fail in this. The world needs it to badly.

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