Summary: While just abiding Jesus came

Shepherds that WERE abiding till JESUS came

Luke 2 1-20 KJV


Today I would like to take a look at a few men that were “abiding” till Jesus came into there life. It is important to see what they seen, what they heard, what they told, and what they believed.

Notice with me the key word to this passage “ABIDING”, according to Webster’s college dictionary this word means (continuing without change). This is important, because it means nothing was or has happen to these men until Jesus came into this World, and into there lives.

Just as it was for all of us who believe in Jesus as the Saviour of the World. Nothing was changing in our lives till Christ came on the seen.

Notice in Vv. 8-14 they heard the message of the angel.

A. they were the night watch shepherds. Vv.8

It is in the stillness of the night that we can hear clearly when the Spirit is speaking

B. the glory of the Lord shown among them, and they were afraid

We would have been too. IF this happen to us in the middle of the night watch.

C. they had a message; “fear not” “I bring you good tidings of great joy” “which shall be

to all people”

1. Its not a message of fear

2. Its of good tidings of GREAT joy

3. Which is for all people

D. the message is that the Saviour which is the Christ the Lord is born this day

Its important to notice that the message was given, and there was a reaction to it, and that is what I would like to look at here today


After hearing the message from the angels they did put a committee together and see if this was something they should do, they didn’t call the local church, they didn’t get a group of church people together to see if they should go, the text says “LET US NOW GO”

>>It is important to know they believed the message.

Vv. 15 says “and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord hat made known

unto us“.

>>The message came to these lowly shepherds

>>They weren’t people not of high stature, they were not highest of intellect, just lowly

shepherds. I’m glad its for who so ever, aren’t you?

>>But they believed the message “which come to pass”

This is a statement of something that has already happen, they believed, do you?

>>These Shepherds went when they heard the message, and believed it!


~It is unfortunate to know that when people do not react to the call from the Lord that the

devil rises up and tries to kill that seed that has been planted.

~It is very important to move upon the message when it is heard, and not allow it dwell in

your heart and do nothing with it.

~When it is heard move. As I’ve said already, they did go to the church and ask what they

should do, they just went.

~Not that they just went, but went with haste!

I’m not found of the statement that many make “I have found the Lord”

~The Lord is not the one that is or was lost to be found, we were.

~He it is that has come to seek and to save those that are lost.

But in this text we see that the Shepherds came and “found” Mary, Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger

~I will say if we do set our hearts to seek Him, He will be found.

~He will not, not reveal Himself unto us.

~In any case, let us be like unto these Shepherds, and come with haste to Him.


~Again let us notice the truth that was spoken of the angel, they told of the story, they

gave them the details in which they would find it, they found Him just as he was


~Notice they didn’t go looking for Joseph

~Notice they didn’t go looking for Mary

There are enough mom and dads in the world

~Notice they went looking for a Saviour.

~They angel didn’t so go looking for the parents, but for the Saviour, Christ the Lord.

>>These Shepherds went and told the story abroad.

>>This the same thing that we need to be doing. AMEN!?


~After they went looking for HOPE

~After they went with HASTE

~After they went back with HOPE

~They came back with a HALLELUJAH

>>They did not complain the journey was long

>>They did not complain that he was in the barn

>>They did not complain they had no guide to get them there

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