Summary: Funeral Service for Cruz Rios


Haggai 2:23 ““‘On that day,’ declares the LORD Almighty, ‘I will take you, my servant Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel,’ declares the LORD, ‘and I will make you like my signet ring, for I have chosen you,’ declares the LORD Almighty.”

INTRO: It’s interesting to see in the Word of God those great individuals that God just separated and used in a unique task to impact an individual, family, group of people, nation and in fact the whole world.

Individuals that did not stood out, nor seem to move not even the insects that were around them when they were born. However, according to the Word in Jer. 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” God know them. He separated them for a purpose in the life. They had an objective. Sometimes, those individuals do not even know it but God has His eyes on them, He never leaves them nor forsake them. No matter how much the enemy will try to detour them from God’s will or from His ways. He (the enemy) will never succeed.

For you see, God says:: 1)I will take you ; 2)My servant ; 3)I will make you ; 4)signet ring ; 5)I have chosen you .

This night, we are rendering honor to such a Man! Cruz Rios is such a man!. God said: “I will make you like my signet ring”. Signet - the impression made on a document with a seal; a small seal, for example, one that is engraved on a ring. Those that knew Cruz Rios, might have seen him as a quiet man; one that probably did not even shoo a fly. However, did you know the one that knew God?


A. His mother was an example of God’s power

B. He had experience healing in many occasions

C. At the age of 87 years

i. He knew what the anoint was

1. Was speaking in tongues

2. He asked for prayers up to the last time He came to church – He experienced the power!

ii. He knew the sound doctrine

1. Even up to last year – His favorite topic was prophecy

2. He still believed in holiness

iii. He believed in healing

1. He requested prayer for His sickness

2. He even visited with me Bro.Velasquez last year!


A. If you’re going to serve God, serve Him without compromises

i. “I will take you” – 72 years He served God

B. Be His servant unto the end

i. Co-Pastor at Pathway Assembly to 66 years as an Active member – Never claimed anything – but always at church!

C. Anybody can be used

i. “I will make you” – How many of you have been faithful up to now because of His example

D. We have to influence in this life

1. “Signet ring” –Impression made on a document

2. How many impressions did He make?


A. God says:I have chosen you!”

B. Who will say: “God, has chosen me!”

C. Who will become the one that will make the impression of “Faith” to those that need it? Who will engrave God’s image in the life of those that need to see God?

D. Which son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, friend or visitor will take this ring?


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