Summary: 1 of 2. Genesis records the significance of the indiscretion of Noah’s younger son, Ham. Understanding the significance of indiscretion imparts wisdom/ is instructive to God’s people. Indiscretion holds significance for...



Our American society seems to be drifting farther & farther from under the umbrella of discretion.

Discreet— ‘Careful & circumspect in one's speech or actions, esp. in order to avoid causing offense or to gain an advantage.’ M-W—1) Having or showing discernment or good judgment in conduct & especially in speech : Prudent; especially : capable of preserving prudent silence; 2)Unpretentious, modest; 3)Unobtrusive, unnoticable.

Discretion—1) The quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense or revealing private information; 2) The freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situation.’ M-W—1)The quality of having or showing discernment or good judgment : The quality of being discreet : Circumspection; especially--Cautious reserve in speech; 2)Ability to make responsible decisions; 3)—a) Individual choice or judgment, b) Power of free decision or latitude of choice within certain legal bounds; 4)The result of separating or distinguishing.

Indiscretion—Behavior or speech that is indiscreet or displays a lack of good judgment.’ M-W—1)Lack of discretion : Imprudence; 2)a Something (as an act or remark) marked by lack of discretion, b An act at variance with the accepted morality of a society....or in our case, Godly or Christian society


This section(:18-27) deals with the relationship of Noah’s sons to their God.

It details two related incidents of specific sin, the boy’s response to it, followed by Noah’s response to it.

These events reveal “two responses to human guilt & disobedience.”—John Sailhamer

Thus one’s genealogy is indeterminative of one’s blessing or curse, although the belief(s) originating in one’s family line may be promulgated to either the good or ruin of future generations. Old habits do tend to die hard.

Genesis records the significance of the indiscretion of Noah’s younger son, Ham.

Understanding the significance of indiscretion imparts wisdom/ is instructive to God’s people.

For whom does indiscretion hold significance?

1—Indiscretion holds significance for...


Explanation: (:18-19)

:18—“Now the sons of Noah who went out of the ark were Shem, Ham, & Japheth. And Ham was the father of Canaan.”

Noah’s sons are named 3 times prior—5:32; 6:10; 7:13.

This will come into particular play from verse :22ff.

“Ham” fathered “Canaan.”

Canaan is important as he relates directly to the ‘land of Canaan’(Gen. 17:8) which the Israelites are destined to enter, supplanting the indigenous Canaanites.

Moses is relating this history to the present experience of Israel.

“Shem”—Mv Shem—Shem = “Name.”

From— Mv—V.—An appellation, as a mark or memorial of individuality; by implication--Honor, authority, character.

“Ham”—Mx khawm—1) 2nd son of Noah, the father of Canaan & of various peoples which were inhabitants of southern lands. 2) in late usage, A collective name for Egyptians.

“Japheth”—tpy yeh'-feth—Japheth = “Opened/Expansion.”

From—htp paw-thaw'—a primitive root; To open, i.e. Be (causatively, make) roomy; usually figuratively (in a mental or moral sense) to be (causatively, make) simple or (in a sinister way) delude.

“Father of”—ba awb—1) Father of an individual; 2) Of God as father of his people; 3) Head or founder of a household, group, family, or clan; 4) Ancestor—4a) Grandfather, forefathers -- of person, 4b) Of people; 5) Originator or patron of a class, profession, or art; 6) Of producer, generator (fig.); 7) Of benevolence & protection (fig.); 8) Term of respect & honor; 9) Ruler or chief (spec.). Strong—a primitive word; Father, in a literal & immediate, or figurative & remote application).

“Canaan”—Nenk ken-ah'-an—Canaan = “Lowland”—1) The 4th son of Ham & the progenitor of the Phoenicians & of the various nations who peopled the seacoast of Palestine; 2) The land west of the Jordan peopled by the descendants of Canaan & subsequently conquered by the Israelites under Joshua; 3) Merchant, trader.

:19—“These three were the sons of Noah, & from these the whole earth was populated.” ”

The entire earth was repopulated from these 3 men following the Flood. Apparently Noah & his wife Had no more children than these.

As a side-line, for those that may question, this revels to us that the Flood was manifested on a world-wide scale rather than merely locally.

“Whole”—lk kol—1) All, the whole. Strong—properly--The whole; hence--All, any or every(in the singular only, but often in a plural sense).

“Earth”—Ura eh'-rets—1) Land, earth—1a) Earth—1a1) Whole earth (as opposed to a part), 1a2) Earth (as opposed to heaven), 1a3) Earth (inhabitants), 1b) Land, 1c) Ground, surface of the earth. Strong—from an unused root probably meaning to be firm; The earth(at large, or partitively a land).

“Populated”—Upn naphats'—Qal Perfect—1) To shatter, break, dash, beat in pieces—1a) (Qal)—1a1) To shatter, 1a2) Shattering (infinitive); 2) To scatter, disperse, overspread, be scattered—2a) (Qal)—2a1) To be scattered, 2a2) Dispersed (participle). Strong—a primitive root; To dash to pieces, or scatter.


Ps. 50:23—“Whoever offers praise glorifies Me; And to him who orders his conduct aright I will show the salvation of God.””

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