Summary: The 9/11 Shemitah , In 2000, the U.S. was enjoying an expanding economy, but out national departure from God has also expanded, progress.

The Final Countdown: Preparing for What’s Next

(Based up Jonathan Cahn’s book, The Mystery of the Shemitah)

The Significance of the Seven (3 of 5)

November 23, 2014 CFBC, Chester, IL Dr. Mike Fogerson, Speaker

I The 9/11 Shemitah

A In 2000, the U.S. was enjoying an expanding economy, but out national departure from God has also expanded, progress.

1 The Shemitah began in Sept. 2000 & our market begins to decline... not yet recession.

a Recession is dined by several factors: employment, sales, & production.

aa In the spring fo 2001 we see things like GNP, employment, stock market beginning to collapse together.

bb Remember the Shemitah causes production to decline. (No crops in field)

b Shemitah begins almost unnoticeably until the climax of Elul 29 - The day of nullification/remission... fall (September 2001)

2 Typically before God judges a nation/people group, he gives them a warning, alarm, harbinger.

a It’s hedge of protection is removed, enemy allowed to strike.

aa Strike is limited in scope, duration... shaking.

bb The nation is then given a grace period to either turn back to God or continue down their road of destruction.

b 9/11/01: God gave America a warning.

aa Hedge removed, limited attack, shaking, wake up call.

bb Like Ancient Israel... America refused to return to YHWH. (Maybe even more defiant than pre 9/11)

cc There was no revival, repentance, with without repentance there could be no renewal.

dd We slashed interest rates, stimulus packages all in an effort to help our economy/finances... the seed of one collapse would bring the next collapse.

c 9/11 didn’t happen just any ol year - It was a Shemitah year!

B Shemitah primarily impacts a nations economic/financial realm... so did 9/11.

1 The places struck lower Manhattan. (Financial district, Wall Street)

a When the jets hit the WTC, it forced the NY stock exchange to shut down for nearly a week. (Tuesday 9/11 - Monday 9/17)

aa When the NYSE opened on 9/17, it plunged 684 points - the greatest one day crash in U.S. history, up to that day.

bb 9/17/01 was Elul 29 of the Shemitah.

b The greatest financial collapse in the U.S. history up until that day took place on the very day given in the bible to wipe away the financial accounts of a nation.

2 The 19 hijackers, 4 planes, triggered more than just a new American war in the Middle East... it made the NYSE closed for a week/frozen.

a When the market opened up on 9/17, it opened at the same number that appeared on 9/11 when the calamity began... As far as the NYSE was concerned, there was no space between 9/11 and 9/17.

b What’s even more remarkable is that right year later (on Elul 29) the market opened at the same number it did on 9/11 & 9/17.

C There is a link between 9/11 and Elul 29.

1 9/11 is usually measured/remembered for the horrific loss of life, villainist of the terrorists.

a Without the events of 9/11... no stock market crash on 9/17.

aa No crash, no shaking economy/finances.

bb No connection between Wall St. & Tishri.

b The timing of 9/11 had to be perfect to be part of the Shemitah.

2 The timing of Ancient Israel’s judgement in 586BC was locked in the mystery of the Shemitah... so was 9/11.

a Shemitah touches every realm of life, entire world, alters course of history.

b It’s not of natural/explainable origin - supernatural.

II The great recession that shook the world. (2008)

A The next Shemitah after 9/11/01 began in September 2007... the next month the stock market, that had been recovering began to collapse.

1 As we left 2007 & entered 2008 (Sept/Elul 29)

a Exactly 7 years to the day from the greatest loss in our economy (9/17/01 - 09/29/08) the accounts cancelled, wiped clean, debt/credit erased.

b 3,000 years ago a domino fell that triggered national judgement on Ancient Israel... and determined the timing of 9/11/01 and 9/29/08. (Shemitah’s finger prints)

2 In the last 100 years only two “stock market crashes in history” have born the title of greatest - Both took place during a Shemitah year... on Elul 29.

a In the Ancient Shemitah, the time period in between Shemitahs are exactly 2,569 days. (7 years)

b The number of days between 9/17/01 to 9/29/08 - 2,569 days.

B The amount of things that could go wrong - do so in sync. (Not caused by buying/selling/interest rates/stimulus packages)

1 These two events are linked by the Shemitah.

a These two events changed and transformed our world.

b Our retirement, 401K, work hours.

2 The Shemitah is like an unseen hand that wrecks/wreaks havoc on a nation/global.

C We know that our recent national disasters are from God’s hands because they’re too precise to be anything else.

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