Summary: So many people pray for Revival...and this Country and the world needs Revival But before it will happen in our country and our will first have to happen with us! And one by one others will experience the outpouring...Once they see it in others

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The Silence Must Be Broken...

This weekend...we honor our birth and founding as a nation,

when we declared that we were going to exert our independence

from anarchy and rule...and take a different path to freedom!

A path that not only altered the lives of those who founded this great country...

But also affected the entire human existence in the course

Seek, chart and follow that path to freedom!

Though you wont hear it on the news, or read it in the news paper, or in our childrens classrooms any more,

It doesnt change the fact this nation was founded on the freedom of religion and the pursuit thereof a relationship with our creator...

people from all over the world, came to this country to worship the almighty God, the way they wanted to...

to pursue a relationship with Him, through His Beloved Son Jesus..

and because of it, God truly has blessed America

There is not a better example of how much power our words have that we speak, then the words God Bless America,

No other Country says God Bless, followed by the name of their country..

And by that proclamation, God truly has Blessed America, to be what it is today!

We still live in the land of the free, the home of the brave, and why?

All because of our relationship with the Great Creator, God Himself!!

Were not in the minority, though sometimes the media and the world makes you feel that way,

This is still a Christian Nation, founded on the principle our pledge says; One Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!

We the Christians in America, no matter what you may hear, are still in the majority,

And if we were to stand up and be counted...I'm confident this morning

the numbers would be Staggering by anyone's standards..

some or should I say most of the media would have you believe a different story…

because today's modern Christian is browbeat and belittled with everything under the sun....on a daily basis!

It's almost to the point as to identifying yourself as a Christian...

Is the politically incorrect thing to do...

and I don't need to tell you...

that's anything but freedom!

This nation was built on Christian principles and became the greatest

nation on earth

and that is something to be proud of and not ashamed of...


No matter how things may look to the naked eye...The attitude of I won't say anything because it doesn't pertain to me...

That attitude Is, has and always will be the spiritually incorrect thing to do...we need to forget about worrying about being political and start worrying about what the Kingdom of God thinks

If we keep going with nothing but silence… One day it will lead

to the end result no one wants

History often has a way of repeating itself...oh we like to think

that with all our modern technology that it would never happen again...

But the accuser is very cunning, very slick, very clever and he continually

keeps chipping away at morality on a nonstop basis

The Bible tells one such story in the Old Testament… The story of a man

who thought he was in the minority, but came to find out differently

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