Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Have you or are you struggling with a season of the silence of God? Why does God allow it?


Dr. Dennis Deese - www.dennisdeese.com

PSALM 13:1-6

ETS: The Psalmist longed for God’s presence.

ESS: There are times when God hides his face.

Sunday, July 28, 2002 All nine miners trapped underground in a Pennsylvania coal mine for three days were brought safely to the surface by rescue workers. The men were lifted out of the mine to scenes of jubilation from rescuers and crowds gathered at the scene, about 55 miles south-east of Pittsburgh. But, have you ever been so far away that you thought you’d gone too far? This Psalm really brings to light several things about the silence of God.

I. First I want you to notice His frustration (v:1-2)

Why does God allow the frustrating time of silence?

In order to:

A. Get our attention (Deut. 31:17 - You know you’re in bad spiritual

condition when you don’t even care about the presence of God.)

To provoke a response.

B. Encourage us to seek God (Ps. 27:7-9, 30:7-8) Are we taking God for


C. Lead us to depend upon God (Psalm 69:16-18)

D. Motivate a serious attitude (Psalm 89:46-48, Isa. 1:11-18)

E. Encourage us to seek God’s will (Psalm 143:7-8)

F. Lead us to repentance (Isa. 59:1-2)

II. Second, I want us to notice his focus (v:3-4)

Before God, he was:

A. Humble "consider and hear me"

B. Hopeful "lighten my eyes" for wisdom

C. Honest "I can’t take anymore" "sleep the ..."

D. Hurting (v-4)

III. Third, I want us to notice His faith (v: 4:6)

A. the mercy of God

B. the salvation of God

C. the worthiness of God

In other words, God you’ve done so much for me, if you never spoke again, you are worthy of my faith and faithful service.

He would not be blinded by his circumstances. God was worthy of all His suffering.

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