Summary: Peace, love and understanding

The simple messenger called Jesus the Christ

I greet you in the name of our Lord and savior, Jesus, the Christ as one of the seeds of Abraham as my brothers and sisters.

Indeed, I am a student of the bible. I also agree that Jesus, the Christ was a messenger sent by God. However, through out my short years on this God created planet, I have come to know him to be more than that. This messenger has given me something others can never nor will ever offer. Because he was willing to and did die for his cause, Jesus, the Christ is more than just a messenger. He offered up his life for us.

I am an American born person of African heritage. According to the Koran, Torah, and the Holy Scriptures, I was born outside the covenant of Abraham. I assume, unlike you as a Christian, I am not completely from the seed of Abraham. However, because of what Jesus, the Christ offered me, I now am also a man of God (Allah, Jehovah, however you want to call him).

According to Galatians in the book that I mention, this messenger came to make the peace. He came to bring those, like me that stood outside the covenant of Abraham, into the kingdom of God. Jesus, the Christ came as a messenger of peace.

However, Jesus’ death upon the Roman made cross not only made peace between the Gentiles (Christians) and God. He brought peace between the warring original sons of Abraham. The message that the one some have proclaimed as just a messenger is meant to bring Ishmael and Isaac seed into the kingdom of God, also.

Although, these great nations of brothers and sisters have been warring for centuries upon centuries, God sent Jesus with the message that the war is finished. The covenant made by the birth of Ishmael and broken has been mended by his shed blood. The hostilities can now cease and the violence can now stop. By the shed blood of Jesus, the Christ, God has declared the war over.

This messenger as some rightly has labeled him, not only died to make peace between God and us, the simple God sent messenger’s death also made peace between man and man. Because of the simple, God sent messenger; we can no longer call each other strangers. Because of the simple, God sent messenger; we are all seeds and apart of the covenant of Abraham. We are brothers and sisters in the kingdom of God. If we do not love one another (Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and others), how can we love the God (Allah, Jehovah, or however we call him) we serve.

Therefore, as (Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and others) brothers and sisters inhabiting this same God created planet, let us put aside the difference that has divide us. Let us break down the walls of hate and mistrust that for centuries upon centuries that has kept us apart. Let us cross the great chasms that the pain of millenniums of wars has dug. Let us realize that in the end, we (Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and others) are all apart of the kingdom of God (Allah, Jehovah, or however we call him).

As always, may God continue to rain His peace, love, grace, favor, and wisdom down upon us as we travel as unnoticed pawns on the chessboard of life. Your brother in the kingdom of God because of the simple messenger called Jesus, the Christ.

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