3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: A sermon on the need to press on in our Christian lives and not settle down and become inactive in the Lord’s service


TEXT - 2 Kings 2:1-14

INTRO. - We are living in difficult times. There are

many temptations we all have to face. One of these

temptations is for God’s people to go to sleep

spiritually. It is the temptation to settle down

spiritually and never go on to take and possess the will

of God for our lives. I have known hundreds over the

years who could have done great things for God but they

never did and they never will because they settled down.

They were satisfied where they were. Never become


In our text Elijah is about to be taken home to

heaven -vs.1 He is accompanied by his servant and

future successor Elisha. Elijah tests Elisha as to his

determination to follow him and his dedication. Elijah

tries to get Elisha "to tarry", to stay behind and quit

following him. Elijah is testing Elisha but in life

Satan is tempting us "to tarry" in doing the will of

God. Notice the message in our text to us as we see the

ways Satan tempts us to tarry.

I. TARRY AT GILGAL - vs. 1-2

Gilgal was the place of beginning. It was where they

began. It was the first city Israel took after crossing

the Jordan. The first passover was held there. A new

generation was circumcised there as Moses had ordained.

The manna ceased there and they are the food of the land

after 40 years of manna. Many Christians today are

tempted to settle down at the place of beginning. Many

Christians have never got beyond where they began in

their Christian life.

ILL.- It is like the small child who fell out of bed and

when asked why she fell by her mother answered," I

don’t know mama, I think I went to sleep too close

to where I got in".

Many Christians go to sleep to close to where they got

into the Christian life and never get any further.

Paul dealt with this problem in Heb. 5:12. Paul is

saying that when they ought to have been bearing

burdens, they themselves have become a burden. When they

ought to have been examples, leaders, teachers, workers,

and helpers, they needed examples, teaching, and help


II. TARRY AT BETHEL - vs.2c and 4a

Elijah tested Elisha to stay at Bethel. Bethel was a

place of dreams. Jacob in Gen 28 dreamed dreams at

Bethel. He dreamed of a ladder that reached to heaven.

Dreams are great - especially if they are God centered.

Now Elisha is tempted to stop at dreamland and join the

host of dreamers. Dreams are good if we dream and then

do. Most dreamers dream about what ought to be done and

then dream of doing something about it someday. It is

alright to dream but dreaming is not enough.

1. People know they ought to attend all the

services of the church faithfully and they plan

to someday.

2. Some dream of tithing someday.

3. Some dream of working for God someday.

4. Many dream of a bigger congregation and they

talk about a bigger and better church but they

are not willing to get up and get out and make

those dreams come true.

Dreams + work = reality.

III. TARRY AT JERICHO - vs.4c and 6a

Jericho was the place of past victories. It was the

place of the first real victory when the Israelites came

into the Promised Land. They marched seven days and the

walls fell. Now Elisha was tempted to tarry and sit

down on the laurels of what had happened in the past.

Many of God’s people are quite content and happy to

settle down at Jericho, the place of past blessings and

talk about the good old days.

1. They talk about the old preacher they once had.

2. They talk about the revivals of yesteryear.

3. They talk about the souls who once were saved.

4. They talk about the old church, its services,

and a dedication now lost.

Don’t forget the victories and blessings of the past but

don’t live on them either. Learn from them. Praise God

for them. Grow by them. But don’t live on them. Get new

victories and blessings for today. God is the same today

as yesterday. Jericho means "the city of palms" and it

was noted for its many springs. It was the Palm Springs

of its day. That is where people retire to the past.

Remember Moses was 80 yrs. old when he started. It’s not

what or where you were yesterday but what you are today.

It’s where you are today. Live for today with God.


The other side of Jordan was the place of the past life.

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Jeff Martin

commented on Nov 11, 2006

What a great Message! I had never stop to think of the significance of each of the places Elijah urged Elisha to tarry in. This is a perfect example of an O.T. message with a modern day application.

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