Summary: Life really begins when we surrender our sin and pride to the Sin Remover. Our day of salvation needs to be remembered with praise! Is a lifetime long enough to praise Him? Is eternity long enough? It’s time to proclaim: “That’s MY King!”

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The Sin Remover

Exodus 12:7-46, 1 Peter 1:17-25

(Second and final in the series That’s My King!)

Show video: "That’s My King!" (S. M. Lockeridge)

When we decide to follow Jesus, a whole new life begins.

The day of our salvation becomes the day we recognize Jesus as “The Sin Remover.”

Israel experienced the same situation when they left Egypt. The Exodus affected them so profoundly that they changed their calendar.

The day of our New Birth is the day we really begin to live!

1. Passover: an act of salvation, Exodus 12:7-46

Israel was saved by blood (verses 7, 12, 22)

The perfect lamb, once chosen, was separated from the others. After 4 days its throat was slit & the blood caught in a basin.

They dipped hyssop in the blood & sprinkled the doorposts of the house with it.

This obedience saved everyone gathered inside form the last plague of Egypt, death of the firstborn. The blood was their insurance mark. They were covered by the blood of the lamb.

They were nourished by the lamb (verse 14)

Having been saved by its blood, believing households next ate its body. The body & blood cannot be separated in thought or significance!

They never ate as they ate that night! Listening to the shrieks arising from the Egyptian houses, the meal was solemn event, a meal mingled with hope and mystery.

If you are a Christian, do you remember when you first fed upon Jesus; when you couldn’t get enough of Him?

God commanded Israel not to break any bones of the sacrificed lamb (verse 46).

To speed up Jesus’ death, the Roman soldiers were going to break his legs. However, Jesus was already dead, so his bones remained unbroken (John 19:32-33).

Israel could not eat the lamb undercooked (v. 9). Neither are we to have a half-baked faith. The Scriptures are clear. We cannot change the recipe! God expects complete obedience from His children. Jesus said that we must deny ourselves, take up the cross daily, and follow Him.

They threw out their leaven

This was a time of purification. Yeast and salt were added to dough to artificially inflate the bread.

God wants us to sweep out the house & get rid of anything man might add to what God offers. We cannot come up with any additive or substitute that can enhance what God has already done.

They were freed

They left the brick kilns forever; they marched out of Egypt with unleavened bread on their backs. They were delivered, they were emancipated; they were freed!

Would you be free from your burden of sin?

There’s power in the blood, power in the blood;

Would you o’er evil a victory win?

There’s wonderful power in the blood!

2. Christ is our Passover, 1 Peter 1:17-21

Jesus offers personal salvation

There is a difference between reading the Bible and having it in your heart. There is a difference between celebrating Easter and having a relationship with the one who saved you!

Everything that happened at Passover also happens to those who come to Jesus Christ.

• We’ve eaten the bitter herbs of sin;

• We’ve relished the sweet aroma and flavor of Christ’s love.

• Passover is not a celebration of an ancient event; it is the record of our lives.

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