Summary: The forth message in a series on The Whole Armour of God.

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Eph. 6: 10-20

Number 4 in series

Intro. The Negro Spiritual says, "All God’s Children got shoes."

The question is, what kind of shoes?

Some Christians walk about in hob - nailed boots---- they make their presence felt, because they enjoy creating pain for those upon whose toes they step.

Some Christians wear bedroom shoes, and give the appearance of being at rest, not at war. They may be bedroom soldiers, but not battlefront soldiers.

Some Christians must have on shoes with paper-thin soles. They drop out of the march any time the going gets rough.

Our shoes are of vital importance, because it is they, which anchor us to the ground. Our shoes symbolize our grounding and our foundation, and the Apostle Paul makes it abundantly clear that our foundation, that our grounding should be the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that Gospel alone. But what does it mean to have the Gospel as your foundation?

A. T. Robertson, the most respected Greek scholar in all of Southern Baptist History explained that this passage was one of the most difficult in all of the New Testament to translate into English. In searching every translation in my Study, I can find none that I believe translate this passage from the Greek better than Robertson himself, who writes, "Stand therefore... having shod your feet in preparation (to face the enemy with the firm footed stability, the promptness and the readiness produced by the good news) of the Gospel of Peace."

Arthur S. Way translates it this way, " Stand firm then... your feet shod with the preparedness to face the foe, which is the fruit of the Gospel of Peace."

The key to understanding this verse seems without a doubt the word that is translated "preparation" or "preparedness." Perhaps the word "readiness is the idea that the Apostle is attempting to convey here.

If the Christian soldier is to be ready to face what ever situation comes his way, he must be grounded in and have as his foundation the Gospel--- the Word of God. If indeed he has that as his foundation, he will be ready to face whatever comes his way.

He will be Ready:

I To Seize Every Opportunity

"Preach the Word, be instant in season, out of season." II Tim. 4:2

II To Surmount Every Obstacle

"wiles--tricks of the Devil"

A. Too busy with good things

B. Discouragement - "what’s the use"

C. Cold - because of hostility

III To Smite Every Antagonist

We are engaged in Spiritual warfare. There is an enemy.

He has many followers. They will fight us every step of the way.

Someone has prayed, "Lord, give me strength to fight the Devil as long as I have arms,

and when my arms are gone, give me strength to kick him as long as I have feet, and when my feet are gone, give me the strength to bite him as long as I have teeth, and when my teeth are gone, just let me gum him til I die."

We must fight him and all that stand with him:

liquor crowd

video poker crowd

lottery crowd

pornography crowd

IV To Strengthen Every Weakness

The Christian soldier cannot afford to have one place of weakness unprotected, for if he does, that is where the Devil will attack.

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