Summary: Exegetical, verse-by-verse exposition; revealing the revelation of God which Jesus is; focus on the person and work of Christ; closes with an invitation to know Him as Savior and Lord.

INTRODUCTION: Solomon said: “But will God indeed dwell upon the earth?” (1Kings 8:27). God indeed dwelt in both the Tabernacle & Temple; but He departed in Ezekiel. Verses 1-18 are the introduction to John, & must be understood in order to understand the rest of the book. The introduction to John reads like poetry, like a song, the Son of Christ.

1) The Word Revealed. vv. 1-5; “Revealed” implies hidden. Jesus was veiled, hidden in right front of them, for 30 years.

- Eternity Exclaimed. No genealogy is given by John. When beginning began, He already was. His eternal state, is compared to His temporary condition, (v. 14).

- Reality Revealed. God with God, beyond doubt God.

- Deity Declared. His deity preceded His personality.

- Personality Proclaimed. How soon the personal pronoun is used of Him! Not abstract, but personal.

- Activity Asserted. He created all things, including life.

2) The Word Presented: vv. 6-8; No prophet in Israel for over 400 years. A seer was needed: enter John the Baptist.

- John’s Mandate. God sent John. Ask yourself "Has God sent me?"

- John’s Mission. To be a messenger. Ask yourself "Am I a messenger for God?"

- John’s Manner. Not as the Light, but a witness of that Light: to bring attention to Jesus. Ask yourself "Am I a witness to that Light?" More properly, "What kind of witness am I to that Light?"

3) The Word Reacted Against: vv. 9-13; Jesus was popular for a little while.

- The Word Reflected. John was popular; people like a good show, like to hear a good sermon, & see baptisms. John said "I am one that cries in the wilderness."

- The Word Rejected. The Messiah was not what they thought He would be, He didn’t do what they wanted Him to do.

- The Word Received. Still, some understood Him, some believed Him, and some accepted Him.

4) The Word Incarnate: vv. 14-18; the Word became flesh.

- Glory Revealed. He “tabernacled” w/ us. This was a temporal condition, as compared to His eternal state, compare with v.1.

- Grace Received. Inexhaustible grace upon grace, received & not earned, given & not deserved.

- Gift Recognized. Jesus explained (literally, exegeted) God so we could recognize God. That is what the Gospel of John is all about, declaring, making God known, explaining God so that people will know & recognize Him in the person of Jesus Christ.

Invitation: How do you know Jesus? Do you know Him as your LORD & Savior?

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