Summary: God cares for the needs that we have like a shepherd cares for sheep and a host cares for guests

Song of the Shepherd

Psalm 23

August 17, 1997

Evening Service


I. A sheep farm: Sheep are frail and dumb animals, they need constant care and constant supervision, without this they will die or be injured

II. We are the sheep of God: We need God’s care and supervision, we need His guidance and provision, We need a God who is a shepherd


I. Basic Background

A. Writer: Personal in nature, Rare because most are corporate, Most likely a king in times of trouble, strong statement of faith and trust, Attributed to David

B. Setting or Situation: Totally unknown, Really bad - life threatening, confidence is placed in God as a source of help and provision, God is the great help in times of trial and need,

II. Yahweh the Shepherd

A. Concept of LORD: The divine name - Yahweh, The divine name was never to be spoken, The system used the term Adonai meaning Lord, thus the divine name is represented by LORD, specific placement of who this lord is and who His people are, Yahweh is the lord over all Israel

B. Role of the Shepherd: Protection - shepherd is the only defender, thieves, wild animals, heat and natural problems, Provision - finds the food and water, rest and shelter in times of danger, Guidance - directs the sheep, leads them where they need to go, the whole task is to make the needs of the sheep paramount

C. Quality of Care: God gives high quality care of His sheep, He does so with acts of love - He makes me lie down, He leads, He restores and He guides, The work of God reveals a wonderful tranquillity

D. Quality of Life: I shall not be in want - every single need is taken care of, I will fear no evil, Death is the one enemy that we can not defeat, God is the source of life both mortal and eternal, We have no fear for life in this one or the next, This fact brings a new bliss and life that is abundant

E. Quality of Protection: God will supply the protection that we need, Rod - used to club down wild animals, Staff - used to control the sheep and keep them in sight, Not to let them run wild and run off because of danger

F. Good Shepherd: Provides the needed protection, Provides times of rest, good and green pastures, quiet waters to restore strength

III. Yahweh the Host

A. Role of the Host: provide and protect all of their guests, provide for the needs, protect the guests from all means of harm,

B. Fullness of Provision: God gives a full provision and a complete supply of the needs, prepares the table, protects from enemies, anoints with oil, fills and overflows the cup, complete and total blessing beyond expectation or belief,

C. Fullness of Life: Blessings that last a lifetime, goodness and love everyday, this is a full life that God is an active part of

D. Fullness of Presence: There is a place for God’s people with God, House of Yahweh - place of divine protection, time constraints are totally lifted,

E. Good Host: God will provide, protect and guide His people forever


I. God is our Shepherd

A. We are the sheep of God: We belong to God, God will be our shepherd, our guide and our leader, He will lead us where He wants us to go

B. He will care for us: God is our shepherd, He will care for His people, He will guide us where He wants us to go, God’s love is the source of His care, God’s care is the best care anywhere, God will bring total and complete contentment

C. He will provide more abundantly: God will lead us to green pastures and quiet waters, a special place for the people, Not only basic provision but the best provision, more than what we deserve, God loves us and provides abundantly

D. He will protect Completely: God carries a big stick, God will protect us because we are His sheep, He will club down the wild situations, He will pull us back in when we begin to stray

II. God is our Host

A. He will make a fullness of Provision: God is a gracious host, He doesn’t give scraps but a full banquet, He gives victory in midst of enemies and adversity, He anoints us for His glory, He fills our cup and allows it to overflow,

B. He will bring fullness of blessing: Blessings that last a lifetime, goodness and love everyday, this is a full life that God is an active part of, God wants to bless us and be a part of our life

C. He will bring fullness of presence: God gives us a place to dwell with Him, He gives us a protection and a provision like no other,

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