Summary: The triumphal entry had fulfillment on that day, with a view to a further fulfillment in the future when Jesus returns THe King of Kings.


Luke 19:28-35

Illustration: Every conquering hero has a parade. In 1990-91 when our armed forces returned from Desert Storm, most cities had parades for our returning heroes. In sports it is pretty much the same, the city of the winning team has a parade to honor their champions. This event described by Luke is only a prelude to a coming parade, a coming triumphal procession.

Introduction: All four gospel writers record what we call “THE TRUIMPHAL PROCESSION” Matthew has it in Chapter 21, Mark has it in Chapter 11, John has it in Chapter 12. Luke records it for us in Chapter 19. All of them record it, some have different details, but they all have the main parts. In looking at the parade we see three events, 3 past events and 1 future. event

The First past event (verses 28-35)

1. He tells them to find the donkey

2. They find it just as he had said

3. They place their cloaks on it and then seat him.

The soon to be conquering hero rides on a lowly donkey, his saddle is the cloaks of his disciples, but there are higher principles involved.

There are a lot ideas we can glean from this. First has to do with what I call "the virgin" ideas. The virgin ideas has to do with the first time events. Jesus was born of a virgin, this is the first and only time that ever happened. Jesus was the first to appear with Moses and Elijah at the Transfiguration. Jesus was the first to open the eyes of one born blind and he was the first and only to ever resurrect a man from the tomb who had been dead for at least 4 days. Now he is the first to ride this colt.

In a Triumphal procession the conquering hero leads the parade followed by his faithful soldiers. They sing cadence or a unified song of glory to the victor or victory.

We know this event as Palm Sunday, the time when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a colt which no one had ever ridden before. The people spread their garments, wave palm branches and hailed Jesus as the Son of David. Little did they know he was coming a conquering hero and soon will lead others in his train.

Secondly is the triumphal entry. This is in fulfillment of the prophecy of how the Messiah should arrive. (Zech 9:9). There are a lot of similarities. Between this arrival and when He returns.

On this arrival the people praised him and reached out, when He returns we who believe will be caught up with him forever praising him. There were those who would not praise him, rather angry, there will be those who will be weeping and gnashing their teeth when he returns.

The Second Past event: (verses 37-38)

1. The disciples gather and follow

2. Voices sing attracting attention

3. They call him KING (Luke), LORD (Mark), SON OF DAVID (Matthew), KING OF ISRAEL (John).

The parade is met with opposition just as some might have opposed those who served in Desert Storm, Vietnam, Korea, WW I and II. Jesus is the soon to be conquering hero in the battle between good and evil.

All of this is a prelude to an event yet to happen. There will be another procession

There are some similarities between this arrival in Jerusalem and the way Jesus returns. One he will be arriving on an animal no one else has ever ridden. This time he rode a colt, next time it will be on a white horse. This time the people praised him, next time we will be caught up with him in the air. This time the people laid down their cloaks, next time we will get new robes.

The coming of Jesus is prophecied and it will happen, maybe in our lifetime. Are we ready? The KING is COMING.

The 3rd past event (verses 41-44)

1. Jesus approaches the city

2. He weeps for it

3. “If only. . . .”

4. They did not recognize God’s coming

5. He is coming to be struck down by his enemies

The Future event (Rev. 21:11-16)

1. A white horse as opposed to a donkey

2. His followers will be with him in the parade and riding on white horses.

3. His name is the WORD OF GOD

4. His followers are all dressed in white robes made pure by the blood of the Lamb

5. He will strike down the enemies of God


In this passage we see one more similarity to a future fulfillment. Sometimes prophecies have a fulfillment in the past and a greater fulfillment in the future. For example the leading His people into the Promised Land (Jerusalem) is a fulfillment of a promise, yet when Jesus comes back we who believe and have been born again will be brought to a new Jerusalem, which is a further fulfillment of the promise.

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