Summary: The sound of Heaven is the sound of worship and the sound of recognizing the authority and glory of God.

n The sound of heaven is always a sound of joy, celebration and thanksgiving because it is there that you are truly in the presence of the Lord.

n In many lives today, the common sound is the sound of complaining, the sound of confusion, the sound of despair or the sound of frustration.

n We need once again to hear the sound of heaven in our individual lives as well as in the church.

1. The sound of Heaven brings us immediately into the Spirit.

a. Psalm 22:3 tells us that God inhabits the praise of His People. Where there is praise unto God, you find God’s presence.

b. This is very important because where the Spirit of the Lord is you also find victory and freedom (2 Cor 3:17).

c. I can always tell in my own life when I am not in an attitude of praise and worship. It is during that time that I find myself operating much more in the flesh than in the spirit.

d. There are battles that we can fight and win in the spirit that we will always lose in the flesh.

2. The sound of Heaven brings us before the throne of God.

a. In Revelation 3:20, Jesus is standing at the door and knocking and promises to come in His presence to those who open the door. In response, in 4:1, Jesus now has the door of Heaven open and invites in those who had previously invited Him.

b. When we open the door for Jesus to come into our lives, He in turn opens the door for us to come into His Kingdom.

c. Because of the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross, we are now able to come boldly before God’s throne.

d. Everything we could ever have need of can be found at the throne of God.

3. The sound of Heaven brings a declaration of the holiness of God.

a. By His very nature, God is holy.

b. All of creation declares God’s holiness.

c. We find here a 3-time declaration of God’s holiness – HOLY, HOLY, HOLY

i. A declaration of the holiness found in Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

ii. A declaration of His holiness on account of (1) His majesty; (2) His justice; and (3) His mercy.

iii. A declaration of Holy He was, Holy He is and Holy He is to come.

iv. A declaration of just how holy God truly is. Holy is man’s word to describe God. 3 is the number for God and therefore holy, holy, holy is a declaration that God is more holy than words can describe.

4. The sound of Heaven brings worship and honor to God.

a. The sound of Heaven is worship. There is never a moment in Heaven that worship isn’t taking place.

b. Worship is our opportunity to bring the sound of Heaven to earth.

c. The sound of heavenly worship expressed here is not just in saying, “God, we give thee honor and glory”. The essence is in declaring that God is worthy of that glory and honor.

i. We can declare all the words and ideas we want about God, but unless we truly believe and understand in our hearts that He is worthy, it is mere lip service and not worship,

ii. Jesus warned in Matthew 15:8 about honoring God with our lips while our hearts are far from Him.

d. Worship is a choice. We have been given free will. God’s desire is that we worship Him, but we have that choice.

i. God is delighted when someone chooses to genuinely worship Him.

5. The sound of Heaven brings out a heart of submission to the authority of God.

a. The four creatures falling before God to show that He is he supreme authority.

b. A heart of worship is one that is constantly bowed before the authority of the Lord.

c. The four creatures laying their crowns before the throne represents their submission to God.

d. No matter what we have achieved in life, it all comes from the Father (James 1). All things are placed at His feet.

e. Everything that we have is in Him. Everything that we are is in Him. Everything that we hope to be is in Him. Outside of Him we are nothing and we have nothing. He is God and He is worthy!

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