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  • Altar Of Incense Series

    Contributed by Jerry Shirley on Sep 19, 2008
    based on 40 ratings

    How do you smell to God? This altar inside the Tabernacle proper is beautifully contrasted to the brazen altar out in the courtyard. The symbolic aromas in the air cannot be ignored. Link inc. to formatted text, audio, PowerPoint.

    Altar of Incense ‘How Do You Smell?’ Exodus 30:1-10 It has been a wonderful study of the Tabernacle so far, and the best is yet to come as we enter the Holy of Holies next time. But as of now, we have looked at the first 5 articles of more

  • Holiness And Love Series

    Contributed by Edward Hardee on Sep 28, 2009
    based on 3 ratings

    Message 1 about love. What we need to reach this community.

    *Note: I must give credit to Doug Small for his impact in this message Introduction of Series Building a Bridge to the Community Luke 7:36 Then one of the Pharisees asked Him (Religious leaders) to eat with him (Jesus). And He (Jesus) went to the Pharisee’s house, and sat down to eat (he more

  • Christmas: A Great Time To Say ’hallelujah’!

    Contributed by Warner Pidgeon on Dec 9, 2009
    based on 1 rating

    A short talk for 200+ school children plus staff and parents. Christmas is a great time to sing and say Hallelujah - praise the Lord! Talk includes my rendition of the 2008 X factor Christmas single ’Hallelujah’; alternative words plus guitar chords.

    (Just send me an email through Sermon Central if you would like to see a full copy of my version of the 2008 UK X-Factor Christmas single ’Hallelujah’ plus Guitar chords.) I was at my daughter’s school for her Christmas performance this morning. It was a combination of the events surrounding the more

  • A Christmas Agenda

    Contributed by Mark Opperman on Dec 9, 2009
    based on 7 ratings

    Wise men have one life pursuit: to worship the Savior.

    A Christmas Agenda Matthew 2:1-12 Intro: What do we really know about the wise men? Not much when you examine the scripture. Where did they come from? We know they came from the east and they came from a long way away, but we don’t really know where they came from. Some say they may have come more

  • Building Together For The Glory Of God

    Contributed by Leonard Davis on May 31, 2009
    based on 8 ratings

    The motivation for building or renovating a church’s building should be to honor God as an act of worship.

    BUILDING TOGETHER FOR THE GLORY OF GOD I have known of young people and some that were not so young that made a choice to go into the ministry. I have seen some that abandoned careers that would have taken them to positions of wealth and power in the business world to be a preacher and more

  • Worship Like A Girl! Series

    Contributed by Steve Ely on Aug 28, 2009
    based on 6 ratings

    It is an insult that is still used today on playgrounds across the globe. Little boys testing their strength and dexterity against one another revert back to this proverbial slap in the face by throwing down the gauntlet of this time proven stab. However

    “Like a Girl” Part 4 – Worship Like A Girl I. Introduction One of the greatest insults you could say to a guy is that you throw like a girl, run like a girl but over the next few weeks I want to reevaluate what was once an insult and make it instead a challenge. Fight like a girl. Pray like more

  • Wreckless Abandon

    Contributed by Clair Sauer on Aug 31, 2009
    based on 1 rating

    Our worship of God should be completely authentic; the place in our lives where we give all of ourselves without reservation.

    This story of the Israelites moving the Ark of God into the city of Jerusalem is a Bible story that I have always loved. The vivid picture of David dancing with all his might before the Lord is one of the most wonderful glimpses of David’s early reign and his devotion to the Lord as King of God’s more

  • The Worship Of The True God

    Contributed by Dan Santiago on Sep 1, 2009
    based on 3 ratings

    Christian should have the right attitudes in worshiping God.

    THE WORSHIP OF THE TRUE GOD Daniel 3:1-30 INTRODUCTION Our passage this morning talks about THE WORSHIP OF THE TRUE GOD. Please open your bibles to Daniel 3:1-30. We are going to focus on 3.13-18 but let me give you a summary of the chapter so we can establish the more

  • Engaged Participation In Worship Series

    Contributed by W Pat Cunningham on Jul 5, 2009

    We cannot come to worship unprepared. Silent prayer, fasting and confession are recommended.

    Monday of Fourteenth Week in Course July 6, 2009 Sacramentum Caritatis The House of God and Gate of Heaven is, fundamentally, Jesus Christ. The woman with the hemorrhage found that out through her experience of the healing touch of His garment. The little girl experienced it through her more

  • The Path Of Praise

    Contributed by Jerry Shirley on Aug 20, 2007
    based on 119 ratings

    This great passage shows us HOW to praise God: Personally, Verbally, & Continually, and then we find ’5 Results of choosing to walk the Path of Praise.’ Link included to formatted text, audio & video, & PowerPoint Presentation.

    The Path of Praise Psalm 34:1-7 We must choose whether we will walk the path of praise or just continue to follow the avenue of the average. But consider carefully, for the path of praise leads to bigger and better things that tower high above more

  • Breaking Up The Hinderances

    Contributed by Weston Blankenship on Jul 16, 2007
    based on 16 ratings

    Breaking down bearries to get to Jesus. Breaking through life’s problems and hang ups to victory.

    “Breaking Up the Hindrances” TEXT: Mark 2:1-5 1 And again he entered into Capernaum after some days; and it was noised that he was in the house. 2 And straightway many were gathered together, insomuch that there was no room to receive them, no, not so much as about the door: and he preached more

  • Prayer And Worship Series

    Contributed by Rich Anderson on Feb 20, 2011

    Jesus Christ is never too late to provide healing, comfort, cleansing, peace, answers to impossible questions,

    A country boy went to visit a friend in New York City. It was about noon and they were downtown by Times Square in Manhattan. The streets were filled with people. Cars were honking their horns, sirens were wailing and the sounds of the city were almost deafening. The country boy said, “I hear more

  • Preach The Word Series

    Contributed by Michael Stark on Feb 27, 2011
    based on 2 ratings

    To qualify as worship, our corporate religious activities must include sound preaching. To fail to include this vital aspect of worship is to condemn our congregations to an insipid presence in the midst of a hostile world.

    “I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingdom: preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching. For the time is coming when people will more

  • Elohim "The Mighty" Or "Strong One" Series

    Contributed by David Scudder on Feb 28, 2011
    based on 3 ratings

    One of the popular Christian choruses is: "Lord I lift your name on high..." That's a great chorus, except we can't lift God's name on high if we don't know what His names are or what they mean. How many names for God do you know, and do you know what the

    "The Mighty" or "Strong One" Purpose: To show the power and majesty of our God. Aim: I want the listener to see God as powerful and therefore see and how foolish it is to oppose Him. INTRODUCTION: Names are very important in the Bible. How many names do you have? I have three, but they more

  • Through My Most Grievous Fault Series

    Contributed by W Pat Cunningham on Mar 3, 2011

    Change is inevitable; growth is optional, morally, spiritually, liturgically.

    First Sunday of Lent 2011 The Spirit of the Liturgy The fruit was, she had to admit, highly attractive. Over the weeks since her creation, she had time to ponder it, to wonder why the fruit of this one tree was off-limits to her and her new husband. She had even invented a foil for her more