Sermon Series
  • 1. Coming To Worship

    Contributed on Jun 5, 2002
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    Psalm 95 gives us three summons to worship, which show us three moods in which we are to come to worship.

    COMING TO WORSHIP Psalm 95 One Sunday, I arrived on time for the Sunday worship service, but the service did not start until a half hour late. During that time, some of the church leaders discussed how the service would be conducted. They had no hymnals and provided no words for their songs, more

  • 2. Experiencing Satisfaction In Worship

    Contributed on Jun 5, 2002
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    When we look for satisfaction in life, we expereince satisfaction from worship.

    EXPERIENCING SATISFACTION IN WORSHIP John 4:1-26 After church with his father one Sunday morning, before getting into bed that evening a little boy kneeled at his bedside and prayed, "Dear God, we had a good time at church today, but I wish you had been there." That boy experienced more

  • 3. Experiencing The Essence Of Worship

    Contributed on Jun 13, 2002
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    Isaiah’s worship experience demonstrates to us four actions that should comprise the essence of our worship.

    EXPERIENCING THE ESSENCE OF WORSHIP Isaiah 6:1-13 INTRODUCTION It was to be a special Sunday morning – my brother-in-law was being ordained to the ministry at his home church. I was preaching and my wife would give special music. The auditorium in the church is long and narrow, with a more

  • 4. Experiencing Boldness In Worship

    Contributed on Jun 14, 2002
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    How do we enter the presence of God in boldness? The Hebrew writer discusses three ways of doing so.

    EXPERIENCING BOLDNESS IN WORSHIP Hebrews 10:19-25 INTRODUCTION I have been in a variety of worship settings over the year – very often the leaders would tell you that is “the” way to worship. I have attended charismatic services where everyone is instructed to stand and raise their hands more