Summary: Servant hood is God’s way of making us great. • Because God created us to be happy • He created us to be fulfilled, and at peace, • And this happens when we learn to serve others

OPENING: While hunting, Larry and Elmer got lost in the woods. Trying to reassure his friend, Larry said, "Don’t worry. All we have to do is shoot into the air 3 times, stay where we are, and someone will find us."

They shot in the air 3 times, but no one came. After a while, they tried again. Still no response. When they decided to try once more, Elmer said, "I hope it works this time. We’re down to our last 3 arrows."

Now We tend to do the the same thing in our lives as well

• We tend to put our hope in the advice of others, / People that we trust.

• And a lot of the time it tends to do as much good as shooting arrows.

So that’s what we’re going to spend a little time today talking about / Our Source of Hope

People in difficult circumstances often rely on advice of (ELAB ON EACH)

· Friends · Neighbors · Experts

We need to understand that Hope is vital - is critical - for our everyday survival in life.

Romans 15:1-6

Ro 15:1 We may know that these things make no difference, but we cannot just go ahead and do them to please ourselves. We must be considerate of the doubts and fears of those who think these things are wrong.

Ro 15:2 We should please others. If we do what helps them, we will build them up in the Lord.

Ro 15:3 For even Christ didn’t please himself. As the Scriptures say, “Those who insult you are also insulting me.”

Ro 15:4 Such things were written in the Scriptures long ago to teach us. They give us hope and encouragement as we wait patiently for God’s promises.

Ro 15:5 May God, who gives this patience and encouragement, help you live in complete harmony with each other—each with the attitude of Christ Jesus toward the other.

Ro 15:6 Then all of you can join together with one voice, giving praise and glory to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God understands that we need hope in our everyday life.

• That’s why; in verse 4 we’re told: "

• Such things were written in the Scriptures long ago to teach us.

• One of the reasons that we have the Scriptures is to give us hope.

This is what Job himself had to say: Job 6:11-13

Job 6:11 But I do not have the strength to endure. I do not have a goal that encourages me to carry on.

Job 6:12 Do I have strength as hard as stone? Is my body made of bronze?

Job 6:13 No, I am utterly helpless, without any chance of success.

Job knew that without God he was nothing,

• But with God He would be confident

• And he would live expecting good things to happen.

Proverbs 29:18 tells us

Pr 29:18 When people do not accept divine guidance, they run wild. But whoever obeys the law is happy.

We need to understand that Our hope, is built on Jesus

• And at the same time that our Hope is a gift from God…

• And We should want to know how we can get this kind of Hope.

Romans 15:4 it tells us we get hope for the Sake of Encouragement"

• God’s wants to give us our hearts desires.

• BUT, God usually doesn’t give us what we want, / when we want it.

• And because of this we need to learn to wait on God / so that we can learn how to be patient.

But, the question remains “Why would God delay giving us what we hope for?”

• One reason would be: so that we "appreciate" even more He gives it to us.

When God created Adam,

• He didn’t immediately give him Eve.

• God said, ’It is not good for the man to be alone.

• So I will make a helper suitable for him’"

But right after this God asks Adam to name all the animals.

• God could have figured out names for all these creatures.

• He didn’t need Adam’s help.

• But God wanted Adam to see and review all the rest of creation BEFORE He gave him Eve.

Then when Adam first sets his eyes on Eve,

Ge 2:23 “At last!” Adam exclaimed. “She is part of my own flesh and bone! She will be called ‘woman,’ because she was taken out of a man.

God delayed creating Eve, so that Adam could fully understand and appreciate what he was about to receive.

Another reason that God makes us wait

• Is because it makes us stronger

Romans 5:3 tells us: 3 We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance.

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