Summary: An examination of Genesis 1 in the context of Divine Communication



Gen. 1:3 "And God said,"

1. This phrase is repeated at least ten times in the first chapter.

2. God is a speaking God -- a communicator

3. God is a creative communicator

a. "Let there be - and there was"

4. God is a powerful communicator

5. God is a systematic communicator

a. Notice the orderly flow of the creative process

b. The outcome is a sustainable system of life

6. God practices self-evaluation, 'And God saw that it was good'

7. God practices continual evaluation

a. Six times the phrase "And God saw that it was good" is used to describe God's progressive evaluation of the effects of his communication

8. God also did a closing evaluation

9. God's communication is instructive -- God ... said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number;"v.28

10. God's intention was that we should resemble him


11. Do we resemble God in our communications?

12. Is our speech creative or destructive?

13. Is our communication orderly or chaotic?

14. Do we reflect on the effects of our speech?

15. Are we transparent in conveying instructions to others?

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