Summary: A life that brings glory to God.

I. The spirit of Jabez

1. Is readily detected in his prayer. v.9-10

2. Was the spirit of humility. 11 Chron. 7:14

3. Was a spirit of zeal for his God. Ps 69:9 Ps 2:17

II. The prayer of Jabez

1. Bless me indeed.

a. and I will be blessed.

b. and others will be plessed.

c. and God will be blessed.

2. Enlarge my faith

a. expand my ministry

b. woe to them that are at ease in Zion Amos 6:1

c. cursed be the Laodician spirit. Rev 3:14-17

3. Thy hand be with me

a. only then will I be blessed.

b. only then will I be empowered.

c. only then will victory be won.

4. Keep me from evil.

a. that it might not grieve me.

b. that it might not grieve thee

c. that it might mot be detramental to any fellow man.

III. The honor of Jabez.

1. Jabez was more honorable than his brothern v. 9a

a. He was a man that south after God.

b. He was a man of prayer.

c. He delighted himself in the things of the Lord.

2. God granted Jabez his request V.10

a. It was an unshelfish request.

b. It was a request that would bless others.

c. It was a request that honored God.

3. Silense is golden, Jebez is never mentioned again in the Scriptures.

a. We can assume that he lived a life of obedience.

b. We can assume that he remained stedfast in prayer.

c. We can assume that his life brought glory to God.

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