Summary: The Spirit of Saul is one of the many spirits coming against the church today. This message tells how to identify, confront, and demolish this spirit before it destroys a church.


I was preaching a series near the beginning of the year at the War PH Church entitled "Close Encounters", when God stopped me dead in my tracks, and started teaching me of the "Spirit of Saul". I had no knowledge of this spirit until then. The week before, I had preached on how David had an encounter with God, but during my study time, God interrupted me, and taught me about this evil spirit. He told me, after teaching me all about it, to warn the churches because there are may falling victim to this horrific spiritual deviant. So please take this sermon as a warning, and warn your churches of it before it is too late.


TEXT: 1 Samuel 18:6-9 (NKJV)

1 Samuel 18:6 - Now it had happened as they were coming home, when David was returning from the slaughter of the Philistine, that the women had come out of all the cities of Israel, singing and dancing, to meet King Saul, with tambourines, with joy, and with musical instruments.

1 Samuel 18:7 - So the women sang as they danced, and said:

“Saul has slain his thousands,

And David his ten thousands.”

1 Samuel 18:8 - Then Saul was very angry, and the saying displeased him; and he said, “They have ascribed to David ten thousands, and to me they have ascribed only thousands. Now what more can he have but the kingdom?”

1 Samuel 18:9 - So Saul eyed David from that day forward.

As we read from our text today, Saul, David, and the armies of Israel had been in battle with the Philistines for a bit, and during the battle, Saul kills thousands of soldiers, but David kills tens of thousands. When they get back home, people are coming from near and far to see the soldiers return. They have heard about Saul slaying thousands of men, but they have also heard about David slaying tens of thousands of men. They recognize and praise David for his efforts, so what happens? Saul begins to get envious. He begins to get jealous, and in doing so, he develops an intent to harm David.

Have you ever felt that way? Let's say you have worked a job for so many years, but all of a sudden, a new person comes in, and out-works you. Soon they start getting more praise and recognition than you. After a while, they get a promotion that you have been working for since you started at the company. How does that make you feel? But you have worked this job for all these years! How could this happen?

You see, earlier Saul was anointed king of Israel. We read this in 1 Samuel Chapter 10.

1 Samuel 10:1 - Then Samuel took a flask of oil and poured it on his head, and kissed him and said: “Is it not because the Lord has anointed you commander over His inheritance?

Saul was having a pretty nice experience at this point in his life. To be put in charge of all of the Lord's inheritance is a pretty big deal right? I'd say he was ecstatic.

But at some point he made a terrible mistake that cost him all of that, which brings me to my first point:

1. Saul's Disobedience: 1 Samuel 15

His mistake was not just a minor mistake, but it was a doozy! He disobeyed the Word of the Lord. God sent him and his army to the Amalekites to kill them. God plainly instructed them to kill every creature in the territory, but Saul decided to save the animals and later on make a sacrifice to God. But that is not what God instructed was it?

So the first symptom of knowing that you have a "Spirit of Saul" is disobedience to God and His will for your life.

1 Samuel 15:23 - For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, And stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, He also has rejected you from being king.”

So this scripture explains disobedience to a "T".

You see, God will call you into a certain field of ministry, and you will proudly accept His call. Later on, you will notice others around you finding success in the same field, but you are still stuck in the same position that you were in since God called you into ministry.

You begin to say things such as:

I wish that was me!

Why can't I do that?

Why can't have that?

So you decided to take it up on yourself to start trying to create your own opportunities. You decide to make your own ways.

Why? Because the moment you said:

"I wish that was me, why can't I do that, why can't I have that", Satan slipped the Spirit of Saul upon you.

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Crystal Gatling

commented on Sep 27, 2019

Hello and thank you so so much for this lesson I was just searching the web for some encouragement on how to deal with this spirit God has gifted me with discernment so I know what kind of spirit it was but for some reason it seems to follow me I’m on my 3rd Pastor with this same spirit I was at my first church for 7 years before God called me out but not before demonstrating his mighty hand death happened there and all kinds of stuff once God called me into the ministry of evangelist many souls where saved and I was attacked for years I wanted to run but God wouldn’t release me until the number of completion after leading me into another church I started to work my gift there and even worse happen he shut the church doors for a whole month but never stop asking for thithes after God showed his hand there I went to visit here and there before I got to where I’m at now which is a more larger church but this Pastor has been the worst I’ve been called every name you can think of from the pool pit the youth pastor has been chasing me around the church constantly every Sunday he runs up on me praying something I don’t know I always cover myself my husband was going to church with me but he left and went back to the church I once was at but God told me to leave it only has 6 members since he called me out the people that was won there left so back to my present church I’m being chased by the youth pastor I’ve talked to the pastor he denied it but the whole church including him see it while I’m praying he runs up over me at the alter I wanna leave but God hasn’t release me yet I don’t know what to do I know God is with me through this most things I can understand but this I can’t God has sent several people to speak good of me here but my pastor belittle me rejects me and since I’ve been here and have been going through the persecution God has bless me to write a book record a cd and to be a evangelist souls are being saved through this I’m a strong woman of God but I don’t like this test please pray for me God bless❤️

Kurtis Ntiamoah

commented on Mar 4, 2020

dear Crystal. from your message it might seems God is training you for His purpose, and i pray He gives you the will power to go through. But let me advise, if you have been to 3 to 4 churches and you are facing the same problem then you need to check your presentation. there are two prophets in Bible, God gave them a message, one is prophet Nathan and one is John the Baptize, they were to address a king of their time who has commit adultery by taking some one wife, in the end one of them ended up killing and one message was received with a repented heart. is true God indeed gave message to us we need wisdom to deliver. i can see that temprementaly you are choleric you like to deliver message as you received. but King Solomon will tell you in all things get knowledge, wisdom and understanding. we must learn how to leave peacefully with all manner of people. God want you to learn. dear sister don't get me wrong but work on your Temperament level. even doe king Saul try to kill David but David used wisdom to deal with king Saul to the event that he had opportunity to kill king Saul but he never did. the spirit of Saul will continue to work against the church but we must seek knowledge and wisdom to deal with it. thanks. by Rev. kurtis Ntiamoah.

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