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Summary: Naaman was well known, but the real heros in this story are the unnamed little servant girl and some other servants who persuaded their master to obey the word of the prophet.


2 Kings 5:1-14 (central text)

I. Qualities of this man (v. 1)

A. a leader (of rank)

B. submissive to his king

C. an honorable man

D. used by God

E. he had a real problem and need

Who amongst us has a need?

Who does God choose to use to send the message of hope?

In this case, an unknown figure. (It is much the same today)

II. Qualities of this young lady (vs.2,3)

A. A captive

B. A foreigner

C. Nameless

D. Caring (looking after the needs of others)

E. Unselfish

F. Persuasive

G. of good reputation

III. The message to the neighboring king (vs. 4-7)

A. Misunderstood

--Was it purposely so?

--Or was he bad at paying attention?

B. It was partially heard and heeded.

C. Reinterpreted

--this is sometimes done for convenience

Whatever the reason may be, if the mandate is not followed exactly, it will stir up trouble before it is all over.

IV. Correction Made (v. 8)

--so easy and yet so very hard to do

--the lesson of humility (First lesson we need to learn)

--sometimes we have to learn the lesson over and over again.

V. Tests in Humility (v. 10)

A. Elisha sends out his servant with the message

B. Naaman was told to wash in the muddy Jordan river

Naaman had come with PRECONCEIVED IDEAS. He thought that God and the prophet would do things in the way that he wanted.

Give them up and just obey God in faith.

God does not have a negotiating table.

VI. Don’t look for Substitutes to Force Gods’ Hand (v. 13)

--forget the logic and human reasoning

--the other heros of this story are the servants that convinced Naaman to obey the word of the Lord.

What do you have to loose, except your pride

Naaman had to dip 7 times to get what he needed. Doing 80% will not get the result you are looking for. Follow through all the way.

Sell out for God and you will be amazed at the difference God makes in your life.

Don’t be a miserable christian with one foot in the world and the other in the church. Fence stradlers do not find contentment and are never satisfied.

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