Summary: In a world that has gone topsy turvy, and lost all sense of balance there is a stabilizing factor than can bring us back into divine alignment with the will, the purpose and the power of God.

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Isa 33:6 And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times, and strength of salvation: the fear of the LORD is his treasure.

Those of you who know this ministry know that I am not just a preacher but I am a prophetic Voice to my generation and I have been hearing something in my spirit for the last days several days and it has been getting louder and louder.

As we look around us today it seems as though the whole worlds gone crazy, It seems as though there are no longer any reference points.

When the prodigal son in the scriptures came to himself in the pigpen after wasting his substance, and wasting his life on riotous, self pleasing, desires, he remembered where he came from, he had a reference point.

He remembered his fathers house, he remembered what was good and what was evil, he remembered what faithfulness and honesty and integrity and dignity looked like.

He remembered what it felt like to be loved not on the basis of what he could do or the money that he had, but just for who he was. (He remembered all of that).

But this society has gone crazy, it’s as though we (this society this generation) has been sucked up into a tornado and we are spinning out of control.

Elijah the prophet went up to heaven in a whirlwind of fire, but this nation and this generation is going down to hell in a whirlwind of hells fire.

This is no longer just the society that sins and does wrong and does evil, No sir no mam this is now the society that runs with passion and zeal to find the most wicked and perverse things that they can do to pervert truth and rebel against God, to spit in his face and to make a mockery of the cross and the blood of Jesus.

We are quickly becoming a zombifide people.

A zombie is defined as: the body of a dead person given the semblance of life but mute and Will less (No will) controlled by a supernatural force for some evil purpose.

That's what happening in this nation people are becoming zombifide (you see in order to become a zombie you have to surrender your will and once you surrender your will to evil then evil controls you.

that's what we see happening not only in America but around the world, nations are being driven by evil powers as puppets on a string.

They are murderous; acting without any concern for human life, their thirst for power and World dominance has made them mad. (They’re off their rockers, they’ve lost it) They’ve gone off the deep end.

There is not a shred of decency or human compassion left to stabilize their actions.

In video cameras today even in our smart phones we have something built into them called a stabilizer.

Some how while you're filming it keeps the pictures steady even though the phone is moving and bouncing around.

Airplanes also have these stabilizing capabilities: An aircraft is considered stable when there is no rotation motion or tendancy and aircraft is stable if it returns to its initial equilibrium flight conditions when it's perturbed or disturbed or experiences turbulence.

But if that initial equilibrium or point of balance and stability is lost it is impossible to bring it back into a state of Perpetual stability.

That is what is happening in America the initial equilibrium that we had in this country that was established in our trust and faith in God and obedience to his righteous commandments has been lost and we are a nation in free fall

That means that there are no restraints, there are no efforts being made to pull back on the yoke or pull up, or bring us back to course.

All stabilizing factors, all common sense, all goodness and decency are being rejected on every hand.

Thank God for what our newly elected president and leaders are trying to do but a president can't fix the soul of this nation.

Its not a color thing its not a political party thing and its not even a money thing (it's a soul thing. (Satan is bidding for the soul of this nation) and we as a nation are in free fall and this country is spinning out of control.

To a large degree we have become zombified and we’re completely oblivious to what is happening in the world, like the zombie nothing affects us, nothing makes us happy nothing makes us sad, nothing makes us cry, nothing makes us angry, nothing evokes joy in us. It’s just going through the motions, and the sad part about is (this society wants it that way).

That way there is no conscience, they can perform every evil sexually perverse thing with no sense of wrong, they can commit murder, and mayhem with no consciousness of guilt or shame.

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