Summary: This is an amazing story of a definite stand three young men took for God. They knew the circumstance they faced, they knew the consequences of their actions, yet they did not back down.

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“The Stand”

Beyond Flannelgraph: Treasured Stories, Timeless Truths

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Text: Daniel 3:7-18

My family started going to church when I was three years old and I accepted Christ when I was five. I was raised in church…and my parents believed that it was a good thing to be in church every time the door was open. When I say we didn’t miss church I mean we didn’t miss church!

I’ve told you that I never had to ask my parents if we were going to Sunday school or church…I didn’t ask the question because I already knew the answer! We were always in church…by the way; it really didn’t hurt me at all! As a matter of fact, I believe that God used my parent’s commitment to the Lord to instill in me the importance of attending and being a faithful member of the body today.

I love going to church…I always have. My favorite part of church when I was growing up was Sunday school. I remember my teachers telling the greatest stories I had ever heard. They told stories about a young man who defeated a giant warrior, about a global flood and a huge boat, about a baby in a basket, and about a strong man that killed a lion with his bare hands. They also told stories about God’s Son, His life, His death, His resurrection and the gift He desires to give to everyone who believes on Him. I loved Sunday school! I especially loved when the teacher used visual aids.

One of my favorite visual aids the teachers used was the filmstrip. These filmstrips came with records and they seemed to make these magnificent stories come to life. Another visual aid I loved was the flannelgraph. I know we don’t use flannelgraph very often and I think that’s because our kids are so inundated with technology. But I enjoyed flannelgraph and to this day when I think of some of these stories I still see those flannelgraph images in my mind.

I love Sunday school stories…but many times we tend to think of the stories we heard week in and week out as being just for kids. However, the same truths we learned as kids are just as necessary for us to remember and apply to our lives as adults. It’s always a good thing to remember those things that we have learned and to be reminded of truths that are still relevant.

This is the point of this message series…to re-examine these treasured stories and discover again their timeless truths. You see, the message of these stories extends past the children’s ministry and goes beyond the flannelgraph that we remember and love. It is my prayer that as we take some time to look back that God will stir our hearts once again and that we will allow His Word to move us to passionately live for and trust in Him.

This morning I want to start with one of my favorite Bible stories…I call it “The Stand”. The story takes place on the plain of Dura in the province of Babylon.

- Babylon was the dominant world power at that time

- The Israelites had been conquered, they were in captivity and Jerusalem had been destroyed

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